283d07c38c0fa2a532e9add4b87d27eb_LBy Goth Mohamed Goth

January-17-2015- Somaliland government has for the second time in a month carried out executions among them  Ms. Muna Mohamed ,37yrs and her son and her her two sons Mohamed Ahmed Abdi ,23yrs and , Sakariye Ahmed Abdi,20yrs. jointly convicted for the cold and brutal murder of the late Ruqiya Said Ayaanle.

The family of the late Ruqiya Said Ayaanle was present at the spot to witness the executions of Ms. Muna Mohamed and her son took place in Mandhera district in Sahil region as confirmed by Mr. Abdirizaq Ayaanle Said the secretary general of Somaliland House of Representatives and brother of the deceased woman.

The late Ms. Ruqiya Said Ayaale was killed after she went to the claim repayment debt she had lent to her assailants who murdered her after the quarrel went sower, her remains were later found buried in a pit inside the compound of the residence of. Ms. Muna Mohamed situated in the new hargeisa suburb.The murder of the late Ruqiya Said Ayaanle shocked the nation

On the other hand , a former solider convicted for the murder of a senior officer was also executed today.

Four convicts were executed on the 11th of  January after Somaliland authorities renewed use of the death penalty.