15  January, 2013

Ref: 130114PRMOFI

The Republic of Somaliland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Dr. Mohamed Abdillahi Omar, accompanied by the Minister of Presidency, Mr. Hersi Ali Hagi Hassan, arrived in Dubai yesterday evening as part of a diplomatic visit meant to deepen Somaliland’s  long-standing economic and security partnership with the United Arab Emirates.

While in Dubai, Foreign Minister Omar will meet with representatives from the government and private sector, including State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Anwar Mohammed Gargash, and intermediaries from the maritime terminal operating and developing company  DP World.

The UAE and Somaliland have developed close cooperation in the areas of trade, investment, the fight against piracy and regional affairs. In June 2012, the UAE government showed its commitment to peace and stability in the Horn of Africa by bringing together the presidents of Somaliland and Somalia to ratify a framework for bilateral dialogue meant to clarify future relations between the two countries.


Press office

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Republic of Somaliland.



  1. Same old lies. If one wants to strengthen ties with UAE, he doesn't go to Dubai but Abu Dhabi. Same old habro lies…nothing new. They being telling the same lies for 21 years and nothing.

    Let's pretend like they telling each others the truth, so when will you open an "embassy" in Dubai? opps…Abu Dhabi? Oh you never got invited to the government seat, you just went to Dubai like all livestock and dirah traders….no big deal.

  2. Much to the disappoint of bro Kayse Hersi is fluent Arabic speaking and well positioned to
    hammer out certain magical arabic politics..what you think Kayse lol.

  3. And yet again the Somaliland haters who at the same time cry for unity bahahaha post hateful comments harbo this fat si laan yo that. the arabs will never like you blah blah blah

    Its so sad that all the hatred you show Somaliland seems to keep falling on your heads, or should I say the poor back home who probably dont give two cents about separation but wish us well and flee to us when they can.

    • Come Again

      Well said.
      Let me add this, a pig is born a pig and never cleanses as the say goes therefore let them show us their true colors and that will be beneficial to us.
      I will even ask them to bark louder and louder… will that cause as any damage no as long as a dog is a dog let him or her bark till they get tired. kkkkkk.

  4. 🙂 If their visit is totally a waste of time then why would a Faqashling and a product of the Kacaan era be so worried about it and waste effort talking about it???

    Somaliland actions and policy doe snot concern you in the least go and remove the Amisom that are sleeping inside your Vila in moqadishu instead!!! Never mind

    • What are you guys talking? UAE sees somaliland as maamul regional state from Somalia.
      The somalis look at somaliland as clan regional state, calling it Isaacland.

  5. somaliland is moving in the right direction and this visit is followed by an official invitation from UAE and also some financial assistance may be granted to somaliland by the a UAE. Therefore be optimistic about every positive thing made by our goverment. Some of you seem to be ill fated people and pessimistics.

  6. Faroole goes to Dubai always and signs fake tribal deals including anti-piracy scam deals including that South African company…they are funding it.

    The only difference between the tribal regional states of Pirateland and Garadagland when it comes to Dubai is; Dubai actually pays Pirateland….the millions to that South African mercenary firm is a good example.

    These Garadag thugs are only good at recycling same fairytale stories, so what if you went to Dubai to get a gift to Hirsi Gaab's newly delivered wife?

  7. HabroLand is most confusing entity. In one hand they claim to be democratic republic, in other hand the same guys kill people from other clans. So they have exposed themselves!
    Habroland can go isolate themselves, it wont hurt us kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk