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TELESOM one of the leading telecommunication Company in the country well known for its innovative methods such as introducing pioneering 3G internet and mobile money banking and transfer service, Zaad Service has donated 50,000 dollars towards the national drought emergency fund during a function held at the Presidential palace on Thursday.

This is the second such donation made by TELESOM to the newly established national drought relief emergency fund.

7AMr. Essa Mahmoud Farah, Head of the Public Relations and Media department while the handing over the $50,000 donation to the presidential appointed committee asked with managing the national drought emergency fund said, “After considering appeals made by the fund committee, we decided to make a second cash donation to the drought fund, as you’re well aware we previously made a similar donation.

“TELESOM is also continuously providing much needed relief aid, especially in the worst affected areas country,” Mr. Essa Mahmoud Farah, Head of the Public Relations and Media department said.

2ASheik Hassan Abdisalan , deputy chairman of the presidential appointed drought relief committee speaking during the occasion said, “I would like to extend our thanks to TELESOM company for being the first to respond to our call for support towards boosting the national drought relief emergency fund and at the same time noting, TELESOM was well-known for its corporate responsibility in which numerous community based projects have benefited from the company’s generosity.

TELESOM has to date donated $110,000 dollars towards national drought relief fund and continues to be engaged other charity activities.

TELESOM was the first communication company in the horn of Africa to introduce digital currency transfers facilitated Somaliland people to send money through mobile phones and now Somaliland has one of the fastest growing Mobile money services in the world.