TELESOM Unveils 4G++ Next Generation Mobile Network Technology at Exhibition

TELESOM to Unveils 4G++ Next Generation Mobile Network Technology and Other New Services during Three days Exhibition

4By Goth Mohamed Goth

Hargeysa – (TELESOM) – H.E Vice President Abdurrahman Abdillahi Ismael Saylici on Saturday opened a three-day technology exhibition showcasing 4G organized by TELESOM, one of the leading telecommunication companies known for its innovation.

Among the notable dignitaries attending the opening of the three days’ exhibition were Hon Mahmoud Sheik Abdallahi, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Hon Abdurrahman Mahmoud Aideed, Mayor of Hargeisa, Dr. Edna Aden Askar, Mr. Mohamed Shukri, chairman of Somaliland chamber of commerce, Mr. Feisal Ali Sheik, the director general in the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, members of the business community ,representatives of TELESOM GROUP, SOMGAS, DAR AL SALAM  BANK and the general public.


In a press statement released by the Telecommunications Company and signed by Mr. Abdiwahab Maah, Head of TELESOM Public Engagement and Director of CSR stated as follows:


Press Release

TELESOM one of leading telecommunication company known for its innovations and keeping up with latest world technology trends. TELESOM was the first telecommunication company in the country to introduce GSM, internet and has managed to introduce ZAAD  digital currency transfers and now Somaliland has one of the fastest growing Mobile money services where Company facilitated Somaliland people to send money through mobile phones. On the hand, TELESOM has over the years introduced services for its new mobile phone customers such as 3G, GPRS, ILA MAGAL, DHAMBAAL and AQOONMAAL service.

Therefore, TELESOM will during the three days’ exhibition showcase the following new services:

4G++: The introduction of the new 4G++ technology in country will be driven by set of new services, which will be made useful for TELESOM customers using smartphones and tablets such as accessing the internet and video anywhere, any time and in any places with global roaming and full-fledged support for all other multimedia applications and can be recharged through ZAAD.

New genre of 4G smartphones in the country promises to push internet accessibility at an unprecedented level, in terms of high speed affordable rate and usage of content

Anti-Mobile Theft System: TELESOM, after putting into consideration dangers posed by snatchers and muggers to customers using expensive new generation smartphones and tablets decided to introduce the Anti-Mobile Theft System which provides comprehensive protection for smartphones and tablets and finds your lost phone or tablet, customers can now use the new service by dialing *400#.

Ila-Soco: This new vehicle tracking service allows our customer such as NGOs, businesses, and motorist to monitor their vehicles location at all times.

Cloud Services: This new service, allows customers to safely store their important personal data online. TELESOM just like ZAAD is ready to provide a low-cost, highly-durable and highly available storage service for infrequently accessed data, data archiving, online backup and disaster recovery. And also Storage, web-hosting, server hosting, Buck-up and application development. Cloud service is essential for media, higher learning institutions (universities), businesses and governments and private agencies.

Dar-al-salam Bank: The bank will showcase new services such new computers meant to assist university students and it comes with free MIFI which enables students to get access to internet accessibility at an unprecedented level, in terms of high speed affordable rate and usage of content.


Somgas: Somgas which provides clean renewable energy for household use will during the three days exhibition unveil new affordable prices for its products.


TELESOM Technological Developments


TELESOM, the leading telecommunication companies known for its innovation and the services it provides to its customers, not to mention TELESOM was the first telecommunication company to introduce GSM(2G)/mobile phones which was followed by GPRS(2.5G) in 2006 enabling our esteem customers to access the internet for the first time through their mobile phones.


In 2009 TELESOM deployed EDGE (2.75 G) and yet in 2011, we were among the first telecommunication companies in the whole world and in Somaliland another innovative high speed internet technology known as 3G, in 2016, we are introducing 4G++ the way to 5G and now our customers can who have 3G Simcard’s   can now use 4G smartphones, laptops and handheld MIFI’s.


We should ask ourselves why did TELESOM decide to introduce 4G++? The answer lies with TELESOM commitment to keep up the everyday world changing technology trends and to satisfy its customers’ needs and at the same time enable them improve their livelihoods.


Therefore, TELESOM becomes the first and only telecommunication company in Somaliland and the whole East African region to fully deploy and utilize 4G++ high speed technology.


The new has lots of benefits, the reason been 4G internet connections are about 4 times faster than predecessors. For instance you can download an entire movie in just minutes as opposed to several hours. 4G wireless gives you the capacity to download videos, games, and music. You can also stream live videos and shows without any interruptions. More importantly, you can conveniently and seamlessly communicate with family and friends abroad via video chats without any lagging or poor performance.


Finally, we advise our esteemed customers to use this opportunity benefit from the services of 4G ++, to-go and Cloud Services, by trusting in TELESOM to bring you the latest innovations: As we are equipping ourselves with the latest technology and preparing to move to 5G in the near future.

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