Kulmiye Leadership is reducing the Country into failed state

What is happening in Somaliland today is utterly shocking. Corruption is becoming rampant; a million dollar was spent to oust the current speaker of the parliament. Clans are made hostile and suspicious of each other. Our traditional system is exploited and manipulated by the current government. Some clans are favored by the president and allocated most of the top 100 government positions. Other clans are left in the cold. They are given very few or no ministerial positions, general directors or army generals, because they have leaders who are critical to president Silaanyo and his political affairs. Government power is shared unfairly, by any parameter, geographically or clan. The top senior ranking officers of the armed forces are chosen from favored clans of president Silaanyo. Under his direction, Somaliland is tearing apart.

Social mobility and equal opportunities are becoming unusual. In order to fill civil servant positions, members of his clan are head hunted from far afield, such as Western Europe and North America. Land conflicts are plotted by his ministers in places like, Kalshaale area in the south, Berbera area in the north and the fertile Elbardale area, in the west of Somaliland. Animosity between two neighboring communities is engineered with the intention of securing the votes of one of them. And then take hold of whatever resource on and under that particular place.

Freedom of speech is suffering from a great blow. Young journalists are assaulted by the police frequently. License of broadcasting TV corporates are revoked, simply because they present prank entertainment programs about the president. Demonstrations are collided with the newly created rapid reaction force (RRU) under the pretext of security reasons. Casualties are reported often.

World Bank report documented recently that the gap between the rich and the poor is increasing. Wealth and the resources of the country are not distributed justly. Tribalism has come back to the national politics, something we have almost succeeded to eradicate. The current president, Siilaanyo Is taking Somaliland 15 years back. His government is undermining the principles and the pillars of our young and fragile democracy. Our people are losing confidence in the government system.

Politics of “the winner takes all” is applied by his clan ministers. Indhodeero business group, which is owned by his kinsmen were given the go ahead, to build, their own private veterinary Centre at Berbera port. Nobody else could have secured such lucrative deal. We remember also how this government gave concession (100%) for the cement factory in Berbera, without the consultations of the local communities, the parliament and the wider civil society. Kuwait donated us 10 million to build the Hargeisa and Berbera airport. The contracts were given close kinsmen of president Siilaanyo .

Hersi, the chief cabinet (a type of prime minister Position) managed Genel Energy resources, the jobs negatively. The contracts were all assigned to his sub clan members. Local communities started demonstrating to express their dissatisfaction and president Silanyo’s government answered by firing at the demonstrators. The situation became dangerous. Shortly after, Genel Energy stopped its operations in Somaliland. Nepotism is getting practiced so evidently in our little country that could have done wonders for all of us.

National political parties are approached autocratically by President Siilanyo’s inner circle group. It is becoming a disaster for Somaliland future. Foosiya H Yuusuf became so bitter, that made her shift to the enemy camp. Dr. Gaboose, the oxford trained Lawyer, Mr.Hassan Isse And Ibraahim Dhagaweyne the military commander are even more bitter. They cannot hear anything to do with president Siilaanyo. UCID party leader, F. A. waraabe was told uf uf through the national TV. Presidential candidate of UCID, Mr Jamaal A Husein was physically blocked by using the army. A public figure was deprived from his basic right to be able to travel to Gabiley and interact with his supporters. People in Somaliland could not believe what they witnessed on the TV and tablet screens. It was horrifying and a reminder of Siyaad Barre ruling style.

Abdirahman Abdiqadir was a senior Kulmiye politician. He worked so hard and invested so much, even selling his families properties for the sake of Kulmiye party. Unfortunately, we remember, how he was dumped, humiliated publicly in a very unprofessional and undemocratic manner. His cry at the Kulmiye confession It was shocking to everyone in Somaliland. . Michiavelism based on divide and rule is the philosophy that is reducing Somaliland into banana republic

The current president, Siilaanyo reshuffled his cabinet several times, but never replaces ministers from his clan. We remember, the summer when his minister of aviation closed single handedly the Berbera International airport. Hundreds of the diaspora, and business men were stranded. There was neither satisfactory explanation nor compensations for those people who were delayed to attend to their schools and jobs. No other minister could have secured the trust and the support of the president despite his/her shortcomings.

International community is given mixed signals by president Siilanyo’s government. One day they are defending Somaliland, the next day, our president is in somalai conference. One day they tell us, recognition is paramount, the next day; our foreign minister is in the middle of Somalia’s investment conference in Nairobi. Our man in South Africa, the professor has been alienated. Our representative in Sweden was highly respected by the Swedish government, yet he was replaced. Our relationship with Ethiopia was put in a big question mark from the beginning of this Kulmiye government.

This week, President Siilaanyo informed us that the parliament is separated from the government by law. Yet, in the same night, he gave the instructions to bribe members of the national assembly so hugely, to the point, they wouldn’t resist. His plans to oust the current speaker of the lower house, honorable Abdirahman Irro are worrying. It is creating outrage in the public. This issue has been the headline news of Somaliland news outlets. The nation was shocked and disappointed by president Siilaanyo’s deeds and michiavelism tactics.

His ultimate goal is to delay the coming presidential elections and electoral registration. In order to achieve this goal he needs yes men in the most senior positions of the parliament. Then he will get extension for his presidential term. More than fifty news outlets in Somaliland confirmed differently and independently, the amount of money spent to change the standing point of members of the parliament. The most reported figure was a million US dollar to oust Abdirahman Irro, The speaker of House of Representatives. Public funds are used for his own gains. Our institutional building process is disrupted. This is going to be a deep scar on our national image.

The contrast with the previous governments is clear. We remember the joy, when Somaliland was liberated under President Abdirahman Tuur. We remember the joy, happy faces and the celebrations of our people the day our constitution was pu to the referendum under the leadership of president Egal .We remember the day multiparty elections took place and our dream of democratic Somaliland was realized under President Riyaale leadership. Today there is great concern for Somaliland under the leadership of Siiilaanyo. Our country is getting in a mess and reduced into a banana state.
By M. Sc Ahmed Muuse Ismail
E. mail: waaqeel@hotmail.com


  1. What you have forgotten to mention is he put the chairman of Talo iyo tawfiiq in jail simply because they belonged to Eroth's clan. Siilaanyo thinks he can replace Eroh with a stooge of the same clan as Eroth , the same way he replaced Ina Abdilqadri with Waabeeye. Little does Siilaanyo know such tricks are outdated and I guarantee you HY will not accept to be humiliated by any trick he might want to pull this time. There is a saying that goes, "Actions speak louder than words". Apparently it is becoming more clearer that Siilaanyo's goal is to rekindle unrest and instability to remain and rape the treasury as if he hadn't raped enough already. Please tell me how Genel will return back to Somaliland given the insecurity Siilaanyo is engendering.

  2. Where Siilaanyo is? Is he not up and around?The things are very much up in the air these days in Somaliland. There is hue-and-cry coming from West to East. The parliament is not working well these days. The Elders seem to be away and out of the land , except Haji Abdiwaraabe. The story of Goat milk narrated by Hersi Gaab stirred everything. Clashes and conflicts began between opposing parties and Kulmyie party – an event that disappointed Somaliland people in every way we see it. Where is Siilaanyo ? The country needs an active president, not an idle one? What is going on, guys?

  3. What a load of rubbish. I have realised that somaliland media is not mature enough to be called media it's rather a copy of The Sun but without page 3.

    It amazing the amount of negative news published almost on a daily basis of whatever lies it is said.

    The media cries there is no freedom of speachialy and they write whatever they want and critisese the government in manner never seen before.

    In regard of Ciro, first he can not be leader of an opposition party and head of the parlimint. If he want to stay in the opposition he hold resign the leadership of Wadani!

    I guess the writer did no read Hattuf newspaper, he needs t do so otherwise he is only here placing his opinion and this website should make a comment.

    Mind you as I said there is no clarity in the Somaliland media.

  4. somaliand is heading for disater beause this siilaanyo/hersi think they are very clear by cause tensions so that they can stay in power longer. lets not fall for their tricks and get ride of this kulmiye goverment asap.

    if things becomes worse then siilaayo will known as the leader who distroyed somaliland, only time will tell

    shame on you siilaanyo

  5. Oh c'mon , if there is tribalism it emanates from Irro and his cronies like you. Your man has far more dictatorial traits than Siad Barre his boss until 2000.

  6. I can write the author is pregnant even though his picture shows that he is male. I mean, you are just writing BS without bring a single tangible proof forward. Name a name or show us single proof of your allegations, until you do that, it will be true that you are nine-months pregnant with lies.

    I don't think insults and more insults will bring your party anywhere close to beating Kulmiye in a fair and free elections, simply because you do not have a political program at all. Let us say Kulmiye is as bad as you say, why can't you come up with alternative political program instead of wasting your time and our time on unfounded allegations, denying what Kulmiye has achieved in just three years? and why do you hide behind clans? Get real and get with the program.

  7. We remember when Abdirahman Tuur joined Somalia as deputy of Aideed, the son and how his corpse was brought back to Somaliland for burial.

  8. Since when did African Americans start publishing somali articles and claim to be Somali horta? Did the writer jack someones pic off google images or what? The article makes accusations but provides no proof suspect in and of itself but that bald head afro american raises eyebrows.


  9. The author is more deluded than Jamal Ali Hussien and his deputy, who think elections are won through clan dinner parties and creating hostilities between clans. They complain of government denying them of freedom of speech and freedom of movement, but they crisscross the country, spread their hate speeches in their own HCTV and through the Somalia owned TVs. I have no problem if their way is the right way and will win them seats, but I do not think this will happen. Sorry! I did not hurt your over-inflated qualifications and egos, but that is the reality in Somaliland politics.

    • Good lord, these people are blinded by clannish ideology and do not understand the language you speak. Safe your time and forget they exist.

  10. Let me enumerate the decision taken by Abdirahman Irro, the speaker of the Somaliland house of representatives and I will leave the readers to decide whether his a reformist or a dictator in the making or astute politician and real patriot or if he is someone who doesn't know the consequences of his deeds and trying to destroy Somaliland from inside:

    1. He did not respond to Jonathon Kay, when the latter wrongfully accused the Somaliland government that the speaker was banned from travel and was imprisoned.
    2. He evenhandedly and without consultation with his fellow deputies reshuffled the parliamentary sub- committees.
    3.He proposed that he will be only voted-out with 52 Mp votes, while his deputies will be voted-out by 42 votes.
    4. Built the highest seat ever in chamber for himself and three meters above the seats of his fellow deputies.
    5. He fired the Kulmiye MPs from the parliamentary standing- committee and again without consulting anyone.
    6. He repeatedly complains of the Vice President meeting with his party MPs, but the Speaker holds frequent meetings with MPs from his party.
    7. He encourages his party and clan to attack the government through the media like the author of the above piece and seems to be happy with that situation.
    8. The speaker encourages his followers to attack Somaliland development programs by falsely accusing the government of corruption in order to stop citizen in contributing to these programs such as the Burao-Erigavo road.

    • Emtions and outbursts based on tribal intrigues will get nowhere. Error will retain his position as Somaliand parliament speaker till the next presidential election. Do not try to make nonse allegations against hime out of your bleak mind. There is a power behind – From Eerigaabo, to Elafweyne, to Burco, to Berbera, to Oodweyne, Hargeisa to Kililka Shanaad . Wow.

  11. I think the culture of Democracy is starting to wear out please the Government should start to promote The Civic Education to its people. To my Understanding that any Political Party does not belong to any Tribal affiliation and if it does than it will lose the Majority and it will never win what Somaliland it suppose to do is that all tribe are equal and it should not be that One tribe is more Equal than the other than Democracy will work legally and properly and the Country will adopt automatically Peace and stability and law and good Governess and this will make the wheel of development move faster and the people will leave in Good harmony and happiness.






  13. Kulmiye has & still building Roads, Gave the poor free Education for the first time, Built Airports, Health has improved, paid & raised wages for all civil servants after the last Government left office with nothing and couldn't even paid the army for months. The Author must be an idiot or has been paid by Mugadisho to write this crap. We are not fools! We have eyes and ears.

  14. These miscreants [ Saleh, Roble, NLander, Yusuf1, Saleh Adan, Leyla and Somaliland wins] are blinded by traibalism and think supporting Siilaanyo will be a doom for their clan and the ill gotten gains they accumulated just the same way the Mareehans felt during Afweyne's reign. They have no conscience and think shame as a badge of honor. They think if they can not support Siilaanyo's evils they will be obliterated if he loses power. Honestly I am not worried about these marauding miscreant hooligans. HJ is a noble clan just like any other clan in Somaliland but these scoundrels who troll here now and then should not be taken seriously.

  15. What I want to know is where were all these corruption screaming clan this clan that folks when riyale was robbing the country blind? Where were you when Somaliland needed you? Now we finally have a government building the nation and you want to talk? Does anyone remember mass articles being written? After even setting back the elections how many times? not a word from these newly democractically minded pretenders.

    No one is buying it! You were on Riyales corruption pay roll and now that you dont have free money coming to you for doing nothing but sitting on your butt and chewing chat you're starting to crack like heroine addicts.

    If you have proof then lets see it, if you are going to talk rubbish and slander someones good name then turn around with empty pockets for proof then you deserve to rot in jail!

    Just go to Xamar already bc you are no different than those who killed our people in mass graves, you're just slower at trying to kill us than Siyad was

  16. This is the kind of irresponsible rabble-rousing that is far more dangerous than any government corruption or nepotism.

    Has the writer got a single piece of evidence for his claims? Just one about his ludicrous corruption and clan nepotism allegations would be good. Just one.