Mr. Abdiweli Ali Gaas was the only presidential candidate that went to the Sanaag Region of Somaliland, when he was campaigning for election. He visited the city of Badhan in December 2013; he openly announced the district of Badhan as part of Puntland state of Somalia. He was clearly campaigning in Sanaag Region of Somaliland without fear or hesitation. Other candidates did not go to any dispute cites, neither Sool nor Sanaag. The only candidate that tried to create provocation was Mr. Abdiweli. When he was in Badhan, he made a speech and he vowed that if he wins the election he would strive to establish his administration in Sanaag region particularly in Badhan city.

No one understands the reason behind Mr. Gas going to that district of Badhan. The election would not be one man one vote and everybody knows the handpicked members would vote for them. It really looks a litmus test. He tried to see how the Somaliland government would react. He will bring a military battalion in Sanaag region as soon as he transferred the power off to Puntland. Is this what the Somaliland government planned for?  Did they welcome this again?

The Somaliland people are peaceful people and would not like to hear cynical words, whether it comes from the elected leaders of Puntland or other federal leaders in Somalia

The president of Somaliland also welcomes and congratulations the elected leader of Puntland. Not only does the president welcome him, but his ministries also welcome him as well. Particularly the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of State, the question are they really oblivious to what this man has done to the autonomy of Somaliland or do they not care about the sovereignty of the country.

This elected man (Mr. Gas) does not respect the nation of Somaliland and does not believed the existence of the country, therefore, he did not deserve what he has got form the leaders of the Somaliland. They must have condemned the violation that he committed when he was campaigning.   

This is not the first time that Mr. Gas has violated the existence of the Somaliland, but he also did when he was the Prime Minister of Somalia. He had denounced Somaliland’s existence. He has claimed that Somaliland is a part of Somalia. He knows the Somaliland people had withdrew the union after they voted in 2001.  

I don’t understand the reason behind the congratulations. He is not worthy of welcome and passing on good wishes to. Shame on you those who welcome him. He is supposed to refrain and stay away from the east regions of Somaliland as they did to his opponents like Abdurrahman Sheikh Faroole.  

By Osman Awad


  1. Osman Awad you should have gone to school and study English instead of writing garbage, why didn't you write in Somali? Your grammar is messed up brother, having said that I think you don't understand politics well, Siilaanyo and his ministers did the right thing by congratulating Gaas, Puntland and Somaliland are autonomous Somali regions and therefore its the best interest of both regions to live in peace together. Now let me come back to the issue of Badhan Sool and Sanag, clearly people in those areas are opposed to secession and wants to be either autonomous region of Somalia or they want to be part of Puntland. So mr Gaas was in Somali territory and never violated anything.

  2. Nice view. Author just confirm how Silanyo and his little despotic dog Xirsi Gabb are too busy to grant contract to their family / clan or hunting opposition and journalist rather to defend country. Both are sell out. Looking forward for 2015.

  3. The whole world knows that Puntland is renegade territory of the FGS(Somalia) proper
    when the Somaliland Sovereign State is within its Independent Statehood jurisdiction
    post Independent international demarcation border boundaries of the 26 June 1960;
    in the aftermath of Union defunct and dissolution of the 1991, and For the best parts..
    the Somaliland and the Somalia are two equally dissolution Entities since the 1991…
    two Sovereign States of seperate Govts. Anything else are insignificance and regardless.

  4. Omar Mahmouds terrorized Faroole and assassinated political figures as a strategy to ensure Farooles looses popularity and the confidence of the people.

    Omar Mahmoud also ensured they created instability in Mudug to draw negative attention for Faroole.

    Omar Mahmoud also assassinated political figures and sheikhs from Faroole's Ciise Mahamoud family.

    In fact Faroole was a prisoner in Gerowe over the last 3years…

    I am curious how will Faroole and Ciise mahamoud welcome Abdi Wali in Gerowe, when Their Man could not enter Mudug the settlement of the Omar mahmouds when Faroole was president?

    Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke was Assassinated by Ali Salebaans in 1969, AbdiWali is walking in a dead man's shoes if he thinks he is safe in Gerowe.

    Let us watch and see…

    Where is PIS 🙂 Told you Faroole had no chance 12months ago.

    Now i am telling you there high probability of an attempt on Abdi Wali before he finishes his first 100days! It will be Ciise Mahamouds who will do it…

    Pride killing is common among Majeerteens and Faroole and his people owe many paybacks to the Omar Mahamouds.

    • No more Hargeisa puppet Farole in Garowe but a real crazy one who takes pills to calm himself. Be preprepared emotionally for physically losing Harti territories in the next few years with it your dream.

      Mr Gas is already looking at las Anod with an eagle eye and to top it off he does not need to fire that much bullet. Those people in SSC whether it be Puntland or Somaliland never joined it forcefully but willingly.

  5. Mr. Gas had lost his chances of getting accepted among the warlords in Mogadishu as they realized he was more corrupted than them, consequently retreated to his tribal hell-hole. It's obvious that the recent victory to presidency in Prirateland for Mr. gas was a result of using the funds he had misappropriated to enrich himself during the short period of time he was a PM in Somalia.

    Somalilander government should be keeping a close eye on and see if Mr. Gas's interferes in Somaliland once again. He does, I'm quite certain, it will be the end of Pirateland.

  6. This is very good article. the Siilaanyo administration should not have congratulate Mr.Gas because he trespassed

  7. I fear for the mental state and longevity of "Somalilanders" when I read this article and the comments. LOL

  8. We wish no harm for Majeertenia and at the same time we will not allow them to trans-pass. God forbid if they trans-pass it will then be the end of Majeertenia as we have known it for the last decade or so and there will be no place for Abdiweli, he will simply be captured , sentenced and allowed to rot in Mandheera jail for the rest of his miserable life.

  9. This guy entered Somaliland as a civilian, who was welcomed by the some in that region. But if he tries to go back to Somaliland territory again, as a sitting pirateland President, he and his so-called pirateland administration will sure pay huge price.