Hogaanka-nowBy Goth Mohamed Goth

“The current government led by H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo has accomplished much since it was elected and deserves to be elected for a second term”, were the words of First Lady Amina Sheik Mohamed Jirde.

The First lady Amina Sheik Mohamed Jirde speaking at the national organization of Women (NOW) meeting held in Hargeisa this week also urged opposition political organization to refrain from using the abusive language.

“We embrace democracy and I would like to appeal to fellow citizens to re-elect the current government during the upcoming elections and at the same time, I urge the opposition political to accept the outcome as we shall do”, the first lady said.

The First lady praised the national organization for women (NOW) for being devoted to achieving equality for women through education and litigation.

The Foundation works to enhance the status of women in the United States and around the world through many strategies, including advocacy, litigation and education.

Ms. Anisa Nur Egal the chairman of the “NOW” largest feminist activist organization in the Somaliland with its national offices in Hargeisa and affiliates offices in every region across the country speaking during the function said, “The National organization for women has achieved much during in the past four years the on behalf of organization thanked the first lady for her support.

Also speaking during the function, Ms. Sitin Hassan Jama, the vice chairman of NOW lauded the current government for increasing the organization budget.