By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland Prosecutor General Mr. Hassan Ahmed Aden has categorically dismissed in the strongest terms a ruling by a Hargeisa District court to lifted a one and half year ban imposed on Hubaal , Somali language newspaper known for its criticism of the current government.

The Prosecutor General speaking to the press in his office said, “The prosecutor office was not aware of any lifting of the ban imposed on Hubaal and it was a norm for the state prosecution representing the national police in the case to be informed of any such development but that wasn’t the case however.

The circumstances of lifting the ban on Hubaal is somehow suspicious and unlawful, the presiding judge should have summoned all parties for before he makes his ruling again this was not the case because the state prosecution never had the chance to do so that’s why we filed an appeal against ruling of the Hargeisa district court with the court of appeal.