The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all travel to Somalia, including Somaliland. Any British nationals in Somalia should leave.

There is a high threat from terrorism, including kidnapping, throughout Somalia, including Somaliland. Terrorist groups have made threats against westerners and those working for western organisations. The FCO believes that there is a constant threat of terrorist attack in Mogadishu. The FCO also believes that terrorists continue to plan attacks against westerners in Somaliland.

Terrorist attacks could be indiscriminate, including in crowded places, high-profile events, events involving government officials and in places frequented by foreigners. See Terrorism.

Piracy is a significant threat in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean. There is also a high threat of maritime terrorism in the territorial and international waters off Somalia. See Sea travel.

All areas across Somalia are suffering food shortages resulting in the displacement of thousands of Somali people. See Local Travel.

The FCO is unable to provide consular assistance in Somalia. See British representation. Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.

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Source :FCO


  1. How many warnings does the FCO issue. Their advise has never changed so what is the fuss! I think they just tasted the reality the other day in Mogadishu and their risk assesment people are trying to cover their back!!! However, what is more disturbing is how Britain has recently become the most vocal advocate for Somali unity and is attempting to bury not only the aspirations of more than 3.5 million people but their hard won liberty of their land.

    If I could only have a tea with the Prime Minister to find out, lol!

    The laughter therapy is working!!!

  2. "The FCO is unable to provide consular assistance in Somalia" LOL What happened to the FAKE British embassy they openned in Mogadishu Airport? LOL

  3. I seriously do not understand why we need the UN -.- or the west while the east is rising like a shinning star. Somaliland should be smart and act thoughtfully. Why not get China as our Ally. We have a great location where 60 procent of the world products shipment passes.

    If the UN and the West actually cared about so called “democracy” they should have recognised us ages ago. But until they know for sure that Somaliland do not have oil or does have oil they won’t act as they should if they cared about “democracy”.

    The research for oil is already going on and next year inshallah we will all know about it. Then the West will think about how they can (i will try to stay polite) ‘get’ that oil if there is any.

    But I hope that a country will decide to recognise us and the rest wilk follow in time. But the UN and West dream to control us will be over.

    So for the minister of foreign affairs, get busy with the BRICS countries and the East. Their is the real future eventually.

  4. KKKK was a test, because my rejoinders were not going through and I don't know why,.
    However, there will be no panic, no consequences that will arise from FCO's warming to their nationals not to travael to Somaliland. We are confident that there is nothing to worry about in Somaliland and that there are no terrorists, like al shabab. Peace prevails in our land.

  5. OF COURSE, Culusow and Moryaan ar + Godane sitting Hargiesa council are the real AL-SHABAB the world knows now……………………………………..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  6. i think FCO out of their maid and forcing us 2 be colonized for benefits . we as somalilanders we can join other Africa countries to have good relationship with china or other ally accepting us rather depending on western countries .this is totally rubbish and outwit full lies , our country somaliland is very peacefully and steady for any randomly incomers crossing to our sites .we have good governance and pulling up ourself to economic structures left out several years back don't confuse us and we are happy this way . more petroleum products are coming out soon !!!!!!!! we have decided our self not shakeable , breakable , we are firm and solid as cry freedom viva somaliland.!!!!!!People will judge you for no reason. Use the stones they cast to build a solid foundation because once you are strong, you are unstoppable.

  7. I would like to sing a song its called Somaliland is a Isaaq villages here it goes

    Somalilaaaaaaaaaad is a Isaaaq villagesssss oohhhhhhhh babbbbbbbbby ooohhhhh babbbbyyyyyyy

    ooohhhhhhhh babbbbbyyyyyyyyyy

  8. Well, countries have rights to protect their citizens and is up to British government to whatever travel advice it sees fit for its citizens. As far as Somaliland is concerned, it's business as usual.

    What is really a politically motivated move and will show that Britain and others are there to impose their will on Somalis, and particularly Somaliland is if this circulated move to stop remittance firms including Dahabshill using British Bank facilities comes true. It will have nothing to do with controlling funds for AL-Shabaab but will be a sinister ploy to subjugate the Somali people, particularly Somaliland as it's the one of the things that are keeping Somalis to exercise some sort of freedom.

  9. Al shabab are in unsecured somaliland too in good numbers. right now they are sleepers that see nothing of worthy unlike in mogadishu. that could change if FCO people travel to hargesa there lies the danger

    • they are in puntland where the darood government is funding them and housing their families;

  10. Long time ago I forecasted that Terrorism whether from Alshabab related or from others
    would have no place to hide in Somaliland and would therefore not succeed. The Alshabab
    fighters are mainly against foreign occupation of the Amisom forces supported by further
    illegal Military mechanisms of Ethiopia and Kenya fighting inside the roadmap Signatories
    of the failed Somalia-Italia demarcation boundaries. I doubt that Alshabab is very much
    after the peaceful Somaliland without foreign military occupations etc. However, in the light
    of the latest FCO warnings the Somaliland Govt should be more vigilante.

  11. There was another travel advise to Great Britain. Every muslim, in every part of the world were advised NOT to travel to UK because, they are criminal thugs, who were burning mosques and killing innocent muslim women just because, they wear hijab.

  12. – – Barclay’s is withdrawing their business support for Somali’s money transfer companies – –

    Which means that millions of Somalis will really suffer. It could be your mam, dad, sister, brother, uncle, aunts, cousins or even your grandma or grandpa.

    Instead of crying like a baby and some stupid, dumb twisted little brats we need to stop and think before we finish our existance in this world. We are all Somalis for goodness sake.

    As bad as I want Somaliland to get recognised nobody wants other Somalis to die.

    We are being played like animals. They are laughing at as, killing us, raping our Somali woman and murdering our children everywhere in this world. Somali people need to came up with a solution or we will be facing much worse than we already have. And this time we will be eliminated for good or we will came up with a solution which will benefit all of us Somali people without hurting our neighbours or eachother.

    Stop kissing other people’s butt’s (and you all know which butt’s I am talking about). That would be a start. Than help eachother(Somalis) because nobody will help us (without wanting something in return).

    We got played in a game we really should played. Lets not lose the game. Because when we lose, THEIR WILL BE NO MORE SOMALI’S

    • Correction “….in a game we really should ‘not’ play.”

      PS: We all know who did what and everybody have their own stories.







      • Only till these old men/leaders who took Somalia to the worst level of tribalism in history vacate their seats and the rest of their age from 40 years + never ever take up these positions is when we will move forward.

        The World will only do to Somalia what its people allows them to do to her!

  13. F.A,

    It's both political and business. They just want to drive Somali businesses out of the market so theirs can reap all the profit. Even Barcleys mentioned Western Union as a firm that operates in Somalia/Somaliland in their statement.

    Anyway, you Somalians need to stop this one track mind that makes everything political. Somalis to fight for their rights doesn't require Somaliland and Somalia to be in a union. Think beyond the box.

  14. I'm German and a few days before I came to Hargeisa in February this year there was the bombing at the houses of some politicians in Mogadishu and soon after that the FCO issued the same warnings. However, when I came to Hargeisa, I felt perfectly safe and sound (except one moment when some mental at the hospital was raging because I didn't want to give him money or my whole pack of cigarettes lol).

    As far as I can say you guys did a very great job and IMO a lot of countries could learn from you. Keep up the good work but be careful when the oil is flowing… I don't want your people to live in some western puppet dictatorship. You are doing good as you do now!

      • I came to Hargeisa in 2011 the first time, because I was curious. I have never been to Africa before and so I was checking how to get there. I came to Addis and from there I took the busses and cars via Wajaale to Hargeisa. Since I'm working in the real estate business I was looking for people working in this business in Somaliland and found a guy that I became a very close friend. So this year I came back to meet him and just for being there, because I love the people there. Besides that we decided to work on a project where I can bring in my knowledge – and yes, it will be benificial to the people and no, I'm not an aid worker. I'm just a crazy guy from Germany.

        At that point I want to say (as I see you call yourself PuntlandGeezer) that I only have been to Somaliland and not further south, since I think that wouldn't be the wisest thing to do (for me). However, that doesn't mean that people there aren't as friendly and/or warm welcoming as they are in Somaliland! I have no interest in your clan issues, because me as an outsider I don't really understand them. For me you all are Somali people and that's how I see you. And as long as you are ok with me, fine, I like you – no matter what clan you're from.

        All I know it that I found the people in the places I've been (from Addis to Hargeisa) mostly friendly, warm and very hospitable. I like these people, because it's so different to our culture. Here everyone is "cold", only cares for his own things, but what I found in Africa was great and for sure: I'll come back as soon as I can!

        • Thank you for your assistance and kind words about Somaliland and east africans. And thank you for noticing that we dont want to be western puppets.

        • @Rene

          Listen mate Somalia isn't bad as Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan or Pakistani but still is unstable country especially for a white person like yourself there's too many armed rebel groups, clan militia, criminals thugs, pirates and notably a small al qaeda they will see you as check to cash basically.

          Godane the Al qaeda leader was born in Hargeisa the same city you just visited ok and there were even rumours that Godane goes to Hargeisa back and forth to visit his mom, dad and his extended family.

          I am myself a british citizen of a Somali origin and every time when I pack me bags to visit me wife in Hargeisa I shiver because of the fear I might never return alive so yeah I armed myself to death and call my clan buddies from Puntland just east of Somaliland for protection So you need to be carefully.

          I consider myself as a businessman too and I have a dream I always wanted to invest in Somalia like in the tourism industry. Somalia is the beautiful country in African and has the longest coastline of Africa and the Middle East with serene white beaches all over in Somalia like Mogadishu, Berbera, Bosaso, Marka, Kismaayo, Brava etc so there's always opportunity for people like yourself to invest.

          I wouldn't say that the South is un safe as matter of fact I think the South is much safer then Somaliland or Puntland because the reason is Al shabaab were defeated heavily by allied African troops and this led to Al shabaab moving to safe areas like Galgala in Puntland, Burco in Somaliland and the mountainous of Somaliland and Puntland.

          I think the reason why Al shabaab never attacks Hargeisa is because Hargeisa is just a dry village really I mean there's nothing to attack it's just camels, goats, cows roaming the street of Hargeisa so Al shabaab need publicity, headlines and Mogadishu the capital of Somalia will give them both it will literally put Al shabaab on the main news in western Europe and the Middle east.

          Like I said Mogadishu is not baghdad or kabul where's there's suicide bombing in every second Mogadishu probably gets attacked once a month and that shows you Somali people are all about peace they wanna bring peace, stability and prosperity to their country if Somalia got what half of donation spend by Western Europe and America in Afghanistan then Somalia wouldn't be needing the African troops or the Ethiopian they would have long go home but since the Somali government in Mogadishu still at its early stage its like a baby that's need to be handled rightly it needs to be supported restore security, humanitarian needs, rebuilding the institutions and most importantly rebuilding the Somali National Army.

          • If you are one of the most pitiful person ever. If you like Somalia, go and live their.

            And stop your lies about Somaliland. Nobody is that stupid to fall for it.

            We all know your lies and hate towards other people. Specialy Somalilanders.

          • @F.A

            Don't you worry about me I know perfectly well the boundaries of Somalia and Hargeisa city is an integral part of Somalia.

          • PuntlansGeezer(PIS),
            Rene is as pure as the Somaliland. why are you so jealous.
            Am glad that Rene gave you the best answers to silence your awkward
            perplexities. AARKH!!!

          • @mohamed cheers

            Are you f*cking kidding me? jealous of what? I see what you are trying to do now you don't want me to tell the truth innit you trying to delude this white dude into believing that Somaliland is at peace giving him a false sense of security.

          • Hey, easy guys. I follow this website for some time and also the comments given, since sometimes they have some additional information. I didn't want to cause any trouble between you, however, I know that you like having trouble with each other kkkk… I mean at least here, but you know, I think this is part of the problem. You start here and eventually end up hitting each other if you'd meet in RL.

            I want to tell you something: in some way it's good that each of you seems to care so much about the other people. There are good ways and good sides about that, but as you can see in your discussion above it also has some bad sides – finally you end up in arguments about this and that. It's trivial!

            I consider myself as more or less intelligent and I think everyone who's considering to go to Somaliland/Somalia has some grade of education. By that I mean that this person is trying to get as much information about the place where he wants to go to and in the end this person makes his own evaluation what is cool for him – or not.

            As you, PuntlandGeezer, said yourself, you call your clan buddies, get your arms and stuff when you go to Mogadishu (if I understood that right) and you also said that there are "maximum" attacks once a month. Well, as I said, I made my own evaluations and I consider this risk for going to Mogadishu as too high. I simply won't go there, or at least not in the near future. You are Somali and you get your arms. What do you think I would have to do as an "caadan"? Also why should I go to a place where the risk is so high for me, when I felt save and sound in Hargeisa? I found friends there and even one mother told me after staying for a while (yes, I was not living in a hotel, I was staying with the family) that I became something like a next son to her. WOW!! I never had that anywhere in the world before. My heart was touched and, even if this is a single experience and may not happen to everyone going to east africa… These experiences are what make your life unique!

            So in the end, all I want to say is this: if you like it or not, most of the people don't even know where Somalia is on the world map, neither do they know about Somaliland, Puntland, Jubbaland or what ever. If they know anything about it, it's related to terrorism, piracy and stuff. This is my experience. I'm doing my job here in Germany by telling everyone that I came to SomaliLAND, no that's not Somalia (like it or not) and that I FELT save. I try to promote their achievements, however, I know that may have little impact.

            So, take it easy with the white dudes, because they make their own opinions and I think most of them won't get influenced by some comments on some news sites. What you need is probably a lesson in western "coolness", in a sense of caring just for your own business and don't caring about the others. Not in your family, with your friends, but on your national issues.

            In the end there is something you all have in common: you all want to have a good life! So it shouldn't affect you what someone thinks in Mogadishu, when you're from Hargeisa or vice versa. Just don't care. Care about that your family business is running, about your direct neighbours and put your stupid stuff behind you! Otherwise you all won't never move forward. Make your own thing, care for your stuff and people and things will be fine. Somaliland made it: they cared about their region, their people (blablabla I know someone comes up and says: yeah, but not everyone on Somaliland's territory is okay with the gov', bc they are Isaaq and stuff… just don't care!! Better live this way in relative security than the Mogadishu way with killings each month).

            Maybe you should just try to forget parts of your history and don't think what separates you and instead think of what you have in common. Live along with each other, care about your own stuff and make some arrangements. This msg goes especially to the people from Somalia! What the f*ck is your problem with Somaliland that is hundreds of miles away? As we say in Germany: before complaining about your neighbors garden, take care of your own! I think once you manage to put law and order back in your place, things will be much easier – for every Somali.

            I want to finish with a nice quote:
            "Everything will be fine in the end. As long it's not fine, it's not the end."

            Take care, do your homework and you all will move ahead!!

          • After reading my post again I realized that there still are a lot of thoughts missing, so be merciful in judging it 😉

    • Dear Rene,
      Thanx Rene for the good warm German comment. Btw the Germans in the modern Euros
      are hardworking people and that's why the whole EU are running after their strong economics
      when so many other EUs economics are getting bad to cope up!. When the Oil is flowing
      be sure that the Germans would be having their special prominent abode in the best ever
      good businesses in the new Somaliland, bcos the Germans are known for their hardworking,
      skillful workmanship and highest industrialised standards in almost everything….you just
      name them dear Rene.

  15. Through difficult barriers even a layman is forced into a state of adaptation. For 22 years the Somali people have grown even more dependent on remittance as a consequence they are ever more demanding for material possessions. Over that same period we have witnessed countless young people risk their lives in the process of economic migration.

    If the remittance is suddenly discontinued the number of migrating Somalis is bound to exponentially increase. The age range is likely to also expand.

    There will be a likely return to piracy and Hostage for ransom on a scale that will cost excess of the $7.2 Billion recorded at the height of the Puntland Piracy campaigns. Conflict precipitation into long drawn-out tug of war over scarce resources will fuel instability across the region.

    That sounds like the conditions required for greater radicalization of the people. In turn governance becomes an impossibility as a consequence of lacking delivered services.

    Or is it an attempt to ensure all financial transfers are routed through Muuqdishu Central Bank? Considering the IMF is coaching them on the principles of economic subjugation.

  16. Buuxiye,

    If it was about keeping the regulations tight they would have given the firms a reasonable time frame and ask them to meet their requirements. But Barcleys says they will still provide bank facilities to some firms which are not Somali owned but have branches in the Somali teritories. This is as plain as it can be that this is a political and business driven which intends to drive the Somali businesses out. They think they can build a smoke screen around it!

  17. They should advice all these English men employed by UNSOM that shuttle from place to place in private jets not to travel but stay in Kenyan hotels.