Is there more than meets the eyes?

Four and a half years ago or so the then Hargeisa Water Agency shouted publicly that ‘come 50 years and with all techniques, Hargeisa will never get any more drop of water’ than what was available!

As shocking and as irresponsible as the words may be that emanated from a public figure supposed to be otherwise, the latest form Hargeisa Electricity Agency echoes similar bells.

The kilowatt-man who is supposedly expected to be a responsible person sadly quipped to the media that “technical break-downs and management were NOT inter-connected” or related for that matter in his institution.

 Just as what bogged down the water-man and this time the kilowatt-man, it should be clear that consumers are not concerned in the very least about the politics behind or within their institutions.

Consumers were only concerned that they get what they pay for and constantly at that.

This is ever more important when the items, in this case, happens to be within the brackets of basic needs and necessities

Everyone knows that commercially based institutions are there to; at the very least again, make profits.

People in positions have every right to defend themselves just as any threatened persons would naturally do. This does not however call for the abuse of the intellect of the populace, in this case, those of the consumers. It is true that the past fortnight has not only seen shoddy services from the public power supply but indeed total disservice.

Simple transparency and sincere answers can easily change the hearts of many foes, or if vice-versa, even friends -as the cases may be.

Without letting out cats from bags hiding political skeletons in the closets, a simple word close to truth would have done at lot.

Almost half a week after the deputy head of the H.E.A talks of hope hence assures people that all technical and material support has been directed to address the issue, his boss speaks to the media exposing that his is sort of a “hands-off” style.

Ironically as per the hands-off style of management, the remaining generator gives way 24 hours later bringing the whole to a halt –and the institution to disrepute!

We know that the chief of H.E.A is relatively new to and on the job but he had all the ample time in the world to look for skeletons, if any were in the closets, and rogue them out for his work to run smoothly.

By now, his technical team should have briefed him on what were the expectations and what needed replacements or to be done.

So far, no body has talked of the commercial and private loss they have been subjected by the power surges, outages, fluctuations, blackouts and complete lack of it.

Nobody has seriously pointed a finger at the HEA in a scold. The question is, what is bogging it and why now? Why has the entire generators grind to a halt at one go?

Is there more than meets the eyes beyond technicalities?

Whatever the case the institution is a public one and we don’t want the state to be put into undeserving disrepute through flimsy and unmerited issues.