One Day Event held to strengthen interaction  between the Independent Media and The House of Representatives

By Goth Mohamed Goth

Honorable members of parliament and members of the Somaliland media fraternity led by Somaliland Journalist Association and parliamentarians jointly called on the present  government to adopt the current code of conduct (Law No: 27/2004) and both sides have also agreed to set up joint committee so that both sides can interact more in the future.

In a one day event held in Mansoor Hotel and organized by Somaliland Journalist Association SOLJA and funded by NED, brought together 7 MPs from the various house sub committees led by the chairman of the house committee on social affairs Hon Hassan Awale Ainan and more than 23 journalist form independent and governmental institutions to brains storm on the challenges facing the members of the media fraternity in executing their daily duties and the frequent arrests on journalist the ineffectiveness of the current the press law and the then 2012 meeting which took place between the President Silanyo and SOLJA of which both parties agreed to adapt the current press law (Law No: 27/2004) as the only applicable law to name a few of the topics discussed at the today’s event which finally resulted to a five point declaration.

1 To enhance future cooperation of the national Assembly and the independent media

2. The formation of a joint committee whose members will be drawn from members of the independent media and MPs whose main task will be to jointly draft legislation meant to  safeguard the freedom of expression and in compliance with the press law.

3. To adopt the current press law (Law No: 27/2004) as the only press law in the country and any amendments to  current Press Law should be made, in consultation with the independent media.

4.  The national Assembly should establish a media liaison office which will coordinate and fill the gap that exists between the two sides.

5. All Media personnel in the country should adhere and work within the current the press law (Law No: 27/2004) and should at all times work in compliance with local and international norms.   


  1. I would like to ask members of house of representatives of Somaliland, what happened to the media law that governs independent Radio Stations in Somaliland, it is sad and depressing that there is no FM radio's in Somaliland. it is now almost 9 years!

    When the president of Somaliland was asked that question at the Atlantic Council In Washington DC, Ministers travelling with him said that law was at the Parliament and it is on the Record.