By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Somaliland Minister of Interior and the head of the police force Brigadier General Abdullah Iman Fadal have on behalf of the government of Somaliland signed joint security cooperation with the government of neighboring Djibouti.

The Inferior Minister briefing the press said, “The aim of the discussions is to come up with shared ideas needed to identify ways to enhance future counterterrorism efforts and cooperation in the region and create a lasting dialogue between in order to achieve joint collective strategic counterterrorism efforts.

Hon Mohamed Ali Waran cade said the talks with Djiboutian counterparts focused on how we would jointly improve our counter terrorism capabilities such as identifying or sharing Intel on terror groups and most importantly to disrupt threats. 

Since both nations citizens commute to and fro through the shared borders on a daily basis we must put in place the necessary measures to be used at land/sea/air border crossings to ensure that persons entering/leaving Somaliland pass through robust security and immigration checks, allowing both Djiboutian and Somaliland authorities to identify and disrupt threats which understanding of the common threat across the borders.  

Somaliland officials were later given a tour of the Djiboutian police command center whereby they had a chance to observe ongoing anti-riot police demo trainings.



  1. the inferior minister or the interior minister,, please check up the spelling of wat you writing..look at the second paragraph.