It is hilarious and absurd that the gaoled international secret information publisher known as the WikiLeaks exposed a secret data between Somaliland, Puntland and Somalia. For the reason that the re-unification turned out to be an indispensable phenomenon for the Somalis once again. This currently shows the impression of cul-de-sac, or in other words, impasse to the hearts and the minds of the Somaliland people. It is hysterical over-reaction to the Somaliland politicians and the mainstream media to feel such an uproarious final act about the conjectures of the informal Arabic written document, which lack the features of the proper ambassadorial hallmark and the official public manuscript symbols of any diplomatic correspondence.


Most surprisingly, the riotous and side-splitting part of the story is why our elite people of politicians, academics and the media outlets are belittling their own state to a nonsense fabrication? Besides, if Mogadishu government officials claim Somaliland’s legitimacy, why the very same elite people of Somaliland always accept the scenario of such propaganda from their enemies? The reason is, because it is obvious that such information, ideas, opinions, or images were broadcasted, or published in order to influence and hijack people’s opinions with the intention of confusing the nation. Unfortunately, the elite’s reaction is only to blame their own state to such nonsense fabrications. The riposte of this question is unpretentious, as the case is not an oblivious manner, but it is merely the absence of the sense-of-nationalism, which is totally missing from the temperaments of our politicians’ minds in particular.


The WikiLeaks information document revealed the low political silhouette on how our ambitious politicians failed to understand the concept of a political conspiracy of the world. For instance, every and each government of the world recognises and prioritises its national interest, so that the diplomatic channels of the foreign policy of every government are based on the national interest of that specific state.  Contrariwise, the WikiLeaks document highlighted the substantive political law of the so called Federal Government of Mogadishu as well as the political interest of Saudi Arabia, which favours one Somali Republic. We all know that the Somaliland national interest is different from that of Somalia and the Saudi Arabia, and it is rationally and politically impossible that these conflicts of interests to be vanished for the sake of WikiLeaks, or the Interests of others, such as the Saudi Arabia.



Every scattered news and information from WikiLeaks cannot always be true, and this might be one of them, we all know that some of the information that WikiLeaks published were never transpired. I am saying this, because even though, WikiLeaks is an organisation that publishes on the internet information from secret documents, emails and recordings from governments, companies and political parties, we cannot ignore that these hacked information itself were based on states’ national interests. For instance, Saudi Arabia desires from their national interest that Somali Republic will remain as one nation state.


Therefore, these sorts of information always set to be as a pillar of their foreign policy. But Saudi Arabia’s political insight does not mean to utterly influence our public perceptions of civil rumoured, and if some people think such a way, it is nothing more than a baloney. Astonishingly, people can submit documents to WikiLeaks, please click this link, https://www.wikileaks.org/index.en.html#submit.


On the other hand, it is apparent that WikiLeaks’ Gobbledygook is the interpretations of Mogadishu and Riyadh preferences. As the secret document itemised the Puntland regional state as one factor of the agreement, which made the agreement in three-way relationship from three territorial states, whilst we all know the history of the Somali Unity (Somaliland+Somalia=Somali Republic) or the current Somali suspended talks between Somaliland and Somalia. Before I illustrate the released documents and reactions of the Somaliland politicians, I would like to highlight the root-causes of the Somali disintegration, and how it is unlikely to regain the foolhardiness of the imaginary unity of the five Somalis.


The root-cause of why the Somalis disintegrated was the injustice, the poor leadership of the governing acquaintance, or the unfamiliarity of the rule of law and the lack of constant trustworthy in the sense-of-nationalism in which the Southern politicians imposed to Somaliland. It is quite obvious that none of the above has neither been value-added nor acknowledged by the unity sympathisers and the political elites of Somalia. In the direction of making the content of the above concepts clear, in order to understand the parameters of justice, poor leadership, lack of the governing acquaintance and the trustworthy in the sense-of-nationalism, we might all become conscious about the subsistence and the continuity of the Somaliland Statehood.


In the package of justice, Somalia betrothed a proxy war and tribal hostility in which, accompanied with terrorism and piracy, and this is what jettisoned the distributional concept of the state formation for the last twenty four years. In our logic minds, injustice cannot regain equality, it cannot create an environment of peace and stability as well. Therefore, the unofficial released document is an insult to the governments of Saudi Arabia, and there is no doubt that it is nothing more than the normal WikiLeaks secret lies.  The word ‘’secret lies’’ refers that even if WikiLeaks hacked the computerised information from the embassies, internal ministry, national intelligence agency and the foreign office of Saudi Arabia, it cannot be easily implemented, unless the people of Somaliland agree to do so. Therefore, our politician’s argument is cheap and unrealistic as long as they are blaming their state against such fabrications, in that case it is hard to buy.


On the other hand, WikiLeaks is not a 100% trusted News Leak, as the organisation itself admitted inaccuracies and inexactness of the disclosure of what it has called the in advance news item of confidential information release. This occurs when cyber defence of other states ruin their hacked information in order to prevent the stolen documents to be published. Hence, the unregistered secret information organisation might fail for its published governmental news items, and people have experienced that some of the released secrets turned into horrible lies soon after their publications. If that is the case, what make our political elites to believe whatever others say against Somaliland? Or how on earth that the mind-sets of Somaliland politicians to negatively react the political aggression from their rivals? I will leave these questions to remain the memories of the people of Somaliland.


Alternatively, the secret information from the whistle-blower on Somali re-unification has no good justification about its recent publications, and this might be regarded as rumours of lies, fabrications, mendacities and defamations. Because, Saudi Arabia has a different political categorised prioritisations. The relationship between Somalia and Saudi Arabia debilitated and incapacitated by the Iranian nuclear activities and ideological assimilations to the Middle-East as well as the internal Saudi territory. These activities have narrowed the role of the Saudi-East African political affairs.


Hence, within the region itself, the political and the national interests of Ethiopia and Kenya will never allow the probable destabilisation and insecurity of their countries. These countries have already taken into their political consideration that unity of the Somali people will create instability in Ethiopia and Kenya, for the reason that NFD and Somali Ethiopian territory are the first choice target for any potential unification strategy. Consequently, Somalia is not a free country that can decide whether to re-unite with Somaliland, or in other words, the 20,000 EU and UN funded regional troops are not only there to assist the interests of the Arabs or the Saudi led projects as WikiLeaks stated its fabricated news report.


On the other hand, according to a reliable source, this fabricated information might be tit for tat hoopla, because the pro-government media initially published that the Speaker of the House of the Representatives met President Hassan Sheikh of Somalia in Turkey. While, Wadani fabricated another conspiracy theory and submitted to WikiLeaks (https://www.wikileaks.org/index.en.html#submit) that Somaliland, Puntland and Somalia signed a federal agreement facilitated by Saudi Arabia. This might be a retaliation against the previous accusations, and it will definitely end up a hide and seek between the two political parts. Hope the people of Somaliland will realise the tom and cherry politics between the two groups.


Somaliland’s political intention to remain as an independent sovereign state is to build peaceful and unwavering regional stability within the region. It is the interest of Somaliland, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya and the International Community to sustain a secure political environment within the region. Somaliland tried and failed the political concept of unity and the idea completely failed. It is not merely vanished strategically, but it practically resulted the bereavements of thousands of Somaliland citizens, mainly women and children.


It also fragmented families into different geographical locations, destroyed cities into the ground, violated human right declaration by torture, inhuman atrocities and massacre. Somaliland’s self-determination is the notion of four million Somalilanders and it ensued by such disgraceful injustice. I recommend to the Somaliland politicians and mainstream media not to waste their valuable time against WikiLeaks fabrications and propagandas, but to use their time to build the nation state and contribute to physique its soft institutions into the better.


Mohamed Hagi Mohamoud. Department of Politics and International Studies. The University of Warwick. Email: m.hagi-mohamoud@warwick.ac.uk, mohamedomar1@hotmail.com.