map of horn_of_africaThe never ending debates on the recognition of Somaliland always fail to address the elephant in the room. This elephant is of course the former government of Somalia (Mohamed Siad Barre administration) with all of its misery and destruction. As I write this sentence, I realised that a fellow Somali citizen is helpless within Somalia or somewhere in this world as a consequence of the policies of this defunct regime that has forever scarred our souls. As Somali’s grapple with the symptoms of a broken heart that has insulated itself with an impermeable shield of hate and mistrust to secure its own survival.
How could the learned men of Somalia fail to identify the root cause of all this hate and division between the people of Somalia in their academic debates. Any logical person will solemnly accept the fact that the former government of Somalia is responsible for the division between Somali’s. Historians are united on the events that led to the collapse of the Mohamed Said Bare regime. This administration utilised tribalism to prolong its tenure and as a result the people of Somalia were divided, between support and rebellion. In the case of Somaliland the citizens that supported this regime and the citizens that revolted against it must reconcile regardless of where they stand on the recognition of Somaliland as an independent country.
A professor that participated in the most recent debate on the recognition of Somaliland, stated that “Somalia disintegrated on the basis of a lie and that the truth should unite them”. I would like to invite him to a gathering of any of the thousands of families that lost loved ones in the massacre’s that occurred in Somaliland. He can then proclaim to them that their grief is based on a lie. Any discourse on the reunification of Somalia, must begin with the recognition of the mass executions of his fellow citizens rather than demanding through hollow wisdom to once again raise the blue flag of Somalia in Hargeisa. The flag of Somalia which once represented hope and unity among Somali’s now represents oppression and brutality.
These so called professors must first explain why there is disunity between the Somali people before they can begin the process of reconciliation. How could they call for unity with Mogadishu while attempting to create disunity between the citizens of Somaliland. The banana states that are popping up in Somalia should serve as a reminder to what the people of Somaliland have rejected.
Where is the logic of accepting the federal system outlined for Somalia which permanently destroys the unity among Somali’s and in the same time accuse Somaliland of creating disunity. These individuals should debate the mindset that enabled crimes against humanity to be committed by the former government of Somalia against its own people and the large number of Somali’s that passionately defend its despicable human rights record.
Somaliland’s unity should be admired and preserved by all Somali people. Those who lobby for the unity of Somalia should realise that Somaliland is their only hope for their vision. To invite Somaliland to a reunion with Somalia is similar to inviting your friend to your house knowing that your house has been sold in an auction twenty five years ago. It’s remarkable and joyful that Somaliland has been a beacon of peace for the last twenty five years. A Truth and Reconciliation Commission must be established in Somalia to deal with legacy of the former government of Somalia, only then can the healing process begin.

Saeed Yusuf Ali Qoys