saleban gaalBy Goth Mohamed Goth

The chairman of Somaliland House of elders Mr. Saleban Mahmoud Aden refuted in the strongest terms claims that the national conciliatory body was plotting in cohorts with the present government to extend its term.

“Those who are spreading rumors regarding not holding the upcoming national elections in due time are trying to incite the masses, I say this because the time isn’t near and we should wait until the time reaches and if the election will be held then we shall act but I have from time to time urged the media and the opposition to shun talk of the possibilities of an extension of the current government tenure, there is no such thing as extension”, he said.

The head of the Guurti went on to say, “The nation will decide, let the time come for holding the elections as stipulate in the constitution ,those thinking otherwise are surely dreaming and they aren’t worth listen too.

“We haven’t heard any word from the national electoral commission regarding the extension neither from the head of state, so I wonder who’s mouth did this talk emanate; we shall wait until the time comes and only the national conciliatory body shall address the matter”, he stated.

This comes at a time when opposition political parties are accusing the Guurti leadership for having a close and questionable relationship with the current administration. They claim this relationship coupled with their incompetence makes the Guurti to mostly be content with keeping the status quo, which mainly is to rubber stamp the administration’s agenda.

They assert that this House has so far shown no objections to whatever they are presented and usually accept government plans in face value. Worse, the opposition insists that Guurti defends government policies even though this is supposed to be where the balance of power is checked to ensure fairness application of policies with even distribution of resources.