kaariyaaSomaliland and her people have come a long long way over the past quarter of a century.

They have made a journey that has crossed rough and dangerous terrains, swam across strong currents and trekked along paths that have been spiked with poisonous thorns. All these have been nothing but tribulations whose manifestation couldn’t rock the vessel, but if anything brought more solidarity and maturity among the country’s population.

We have just celebrated our silver jubilee since we re-asserted and re-claimed our long lost independence.

This time round we are approaching the 56th year since we attained independence from colonial yolks albeit with at least, a think-tank national committee of notable repute, charged with the task of recognition lobbying.

Despite the fact that distracters would like to put wedges to rend asunder brethren bond-ships and national solidarity, the differences between 26th June and 18th May should not be manipulated for ill-innuendoes. What is worth noting is that the real independence was the former while the latter is the reclamation of the former.

Given that our aspiration of recognition is the country’s greatest goal, we should invigorate and re-invigorate what it entails.

While we have re-asserted our independence, 18th May should reflect the extra opportunity cost ironic task in (and of) the search of the recognition we so naively tossed down the drain.

However as for this day next week, thus Sunday the 26 day of June 2016, we should take the occasion to reflect what were are pursuing.


  • Peaceful stability and National Cohesion
  • International recognition
  • Development and progress

While we MUST continue to pursue the above three causes in juxtaposition, we call upon this occasion to be used to underpin their importance and at the same time underscore the imperativeness of having them known to support and supplement each other; being inter-dependable.

Furthermore the gears and axles of the whole nation revolve around them.

For instance, elections can only be held in a stable environment.

So too can education and other developmental aspects can be achieved in such scenario. As for recognition, ofcourse it has no room for chaotic environment.

As we once more underline the importance of not under estimating the 26th June landmark occasion we take this opportunity to thank Aljezira television for highlighting our plight.

In its “People Power” program last week the media powerhouse highlights in the best yet documentary made of the genocide that was perpetrated against the Somaliland people.

Entitled “Kill All But The Crow”, the documentary revisits the moment which catalyzed the need for self-aspiration of SL. It gave the impetus which in the long run made SL decide to re-assert her independence.

Blown up before their own eyes, the people saw their results of their fool-hardiness in giving 26th June away so sheepipishly without guarantees.

We urge the people to watch the Part1 already aired and Part 2 to be aired this week.

Once again, thank you Aljezira and all the other journalists around the world who see the need of justifications to be made where deserved.

We urge the national committee to emulate the producers of the documentary, cash in on it and pursue further lanes aggressively in such of righteousness for SL.

Let’s all take time this time next week to reflect upon what we lost, what is in store for us, how to pursue it, and how the status peaceful stability and development can forever be maintained.

The past is our heritage, the present our responsibilty and the future!

Long live Somaliland!