It was Thursday 8th of April 2015 when a new mayor was nominated to replace the longest serving mayor of the dry-deck and business centre town of Somaliland called Tog-wajale. During the handing over ceremony which has taken place on15th of April, the late mayor Mr Hashi Mohamud Abdi has broken the silence and gave a very interesting speech :-

” I am so delighted today to hand over the Tog-wajale governance and the service of the people to one of their diaspora youths who came here to work”. ” therefore, please don’t leave your country and kill your selves in
the ocean specially the young generation”. He concluded his speech.

Then the new mayor Mr Shiine Ali Muse gave an emotional and very sharp speech.He promised to regenerate and bring back Tog-wajale old traditional, non-tribal andnepotism way of life. He mentioned that in olden days when a person from Tog-wajalewas asked who are you?

I am Tog-wajalist was his/her sole answer. Not from that tribe or that and that.” Hence, any one who believes in or dreaming that I am for certain people is truly speaking beating around the bush”. ” My office is 24/7 open to any one who is committed and ready to work with me the development of the public services, and Tog-wajale will be the common denominator of all our goals and achievements”.He told the audience.

That is a positive impression of his first speech which he is taking care and caution the non-curable Somali disease ( TRIBALISM ).

This is the sign of good leadership if he stays on that course. It has been said ” Action is louder than words ” and all in all, I hope the new mayor will keep his promise and make the difference.

In addition to that, Tog-Wajale Foundation is sending to you Salaams and Congratulations and praying the Almighty Allah to ease the great responsibility on your shoulders.

By Jibril Ali Akli ( London )