_MG_8358By Goth Mohamed Goth

The United Arab Emirates is sponsoring various development projects in the country with most people living major urban centers such as Hargeisa, Burao , Berbera ,Gebiley benefitting such projects.

The Somaliland minister of Water resources Hussien Ahmed Abdulle today inaugurated six newly drilled wells and one dam built by Khalifa bin Zayed Nayhen Charity Foundation speaking at the function said, “The objectives of the project are simple and straightforward: to increase the amount of water to Burao town and its environs from nearby wellfields, and to ensure that the supply system is secure and sustainable and he also thanked Sayid Al Falaah of the UAE red crescent society and Dr. Abdurahman Ali Du’alleh  who was in charge of implementing the project on behalf of the Khalifa bin Zayed Nayhen Charity Foundation  and most of all the government of the UAE for its generosity.

Speaking on behalf of Sheik Khalifa bin Zayed Nayhen Charity Foundation was Mr. Amiir Al Falaax speaking at the function said, “The goal of Sheik Khalifa bin Zayed Nayhen Charity Foundation funded water programmes is to improve the quality and quantity of fresh water available to Somaliland people and its future generations.  

The water projects were carried out in collaboration with the Somali Ministry of Water Resources are intended to alleviate problems of the water shortage in Burao by supplying enough clean water to all the sectors of the town including to those without existing  water connections.

The minister of water resources credited the Khalifa bin Zayed Charity Foundation for not only sponsoring water related projects but also its positive role in saving lives of those affected drought and famine by providing food and medicine.

”The Foundation’s plan to tackle water crisis in Somaliland has brought relief to hundreds of thousands of affected population there,”he added.

The UAE foundation aims to provide pure drinking water to Somalis, especially children, who were dying in hundreds of thousands of thirst and drought.