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By Goth Mohamed Goth

London 08May14 -Officials of the Justice and Welfare party UCID lead by the party’s Presidential aspirant Hon Jamal Ali Hussein flanked by the other party officials met with among them head of the party Mr. Abdullah Omer Shaqale ,the secretary of Education Mr. Fawsi Haji Yusuf and the head of women’s wing  Mrs. Fardus Egge meet with officials from the foreign and commonwealth  office to discuss issues pertaining democratization process , education , health and illegal immigrations.

Hon Jamal Ali Hussein leading justice and Welfare party “UCID” officials in the talks with the officials from the FCO Comms| Diaspora Outreach Lead to discuss how the UK government can assist Somaliland in the upcoming electoral process, in the field of education and health and most importantly the issue of illegal immigration which has had a toll on the Somaliland youth.

On the other hand  the UCID officials discussed the current media situation in the country and ways to safeguard media rights and to ensure free media is the responsibility of the entire government  which to improve and make significant Media law, regulatory framework, fairness-doctrine, equal-opportunity, Broadcasting, Media-policies, Code of conduct and Ethics

The UCID Presidential Aspirants Hon Jamal Ali Hussein thanked the FCO officials for their hospitality and he hoped for a continued good working relations.


  1. This people are embarrassment to themselves and to Somaliland. First of all this man was not elected by UCID party and has no shame calling himself “the presidential candidate”. He has no substance to present to anyone local or foreign yet he travels around the world wasting his time and the time of others. He is trying augment his image in the eyes of Somalilanders by having some photo ops in front of the foreign office with receptionists and security guards trying to deceive us, when in fact he deceives himself and no one else.