a8314157a3015004bba51b26bfd2e397_L-300x202By M A EGGE

The UK Labour Party has pledged to sponsor and advance the sovereignty of Somaliland through a motion seeking her recognition, come later half of this year.

In a meeting held by several Labour MPs spearheaded by Steven Doughty, Kerry McCarthy and Gareth Thomas, the House of Commons legislatures met with Somalilanders led by Hon. Ali Hamud Jibril, SL ambassadors and forefront Somaliland Forum fraternity of the UK at British parliamentary premises.

The Assemblies Coordination, Research and Technology minister was perhaps the most categorically promising of all who talked of and commented on the meeting.

He said, “May Somalilanders, wherever they are, rest assumed of Britain’s support in her plight”

Hon. Hamud added that, “Starting from public level through to her Cllrs and MPs and on to higher echelons of the government fully support Somaliland in her plight”.

The meeting dwelt upon the aspirations, sovereignty and ultimate recognition of Somaliland.

In reciprocal tune, British Somalilanders were asked to participate more in that country’s electoral processes to make more impact.

“Be more active in local politics and vote for aspirants and sitting MPs who have the welfare of Somaliland at heart”, was the passionate appeal of cabinet minister Hon. Hamuud.

Both Somaliland diplomat in the UK Ali Awale and roving ambassador Keyser M. Abdillahi described the meeting as one with a positive notch towards the lobbying for SL recognition.

Doughty who represents Cardiff South was more elaborative. He said that they had a substantive meeting that saw SL societies’ representatives pouring out their convictions on the sovereignty status of SL hence made their resolve explicit and quite clear.

He added that apart from the MPs who graced the occasion, the meeting had also government observers from both sides.

He said that they would do their best to see that the resolve of the resolutions from the meeting bear more fruits.

It is expected that a motion to be tabled in the UK parliament (the House of Commons) would be brought forth after the general elections slated to be held in May 2015. Both the Somaliland diaspora and UK MPs were drawn from different parts of the nation.