State should expose any abetting treacherous state officials who aid in the denting of the country’s image and integral rights

The integrity and aspirations of Somaliland as a nation is in peril from none other than the IC itself through the likes of the UN and other international NGOs.

For starters, it is as if the two-track system that the international community (IC) dealt with Somaliland is not more.

The situation has worsened month by month to an extent that the blatancy is so crudely open hence lacks the slightest etiquette of respectful diplomacy.

Just the other day no less than the minister of Finance, the Berbera Mayor and the Presidential spokesman walked out of the JPLG for DSD (Joint program for local governance and Decentralized Delivery) meeting.

They walked out in protest because the integrity and rights plus the aspirations of their people, country, state and nationhood were being trodden upon and crushed by the foolhardiness of ill-innuendoes of persons, groups of persons, institution or groups of institutions who not only lamp us with Somalia, but assume that we are part and parcel of Somalia.

During the JPLG meeting over the week, the materials being used (or to be used) were all draped in the government of Mogadishu emblems, colours, name etc!

So, too, were the documentary films being used in the seminar carried the map of Somalia (with SL being part of it) and districts of SL and her regions depicted as Somalia!

A large outcry from the participants resulted in the materials (books, pens etc) being withdrawn.

Ironically the local head of the JPLG is the nation’s VP himself! If such an institution could be used to undermine the country, what can we say of the others? God forbid!

This trend has slowly and steadily been going up day in day out.

What followed was an “apology”, in fact a precisely lukewarm apology, since the defence carried reasons which were only not too flimsy, but indeed un-acceptable altogether.

SL has time and again reminded the IC of her status hence reiterated that it was un-revocable and un-negotiable.

Not long ago such hullabaloos were evidenced and witness at a similar meeting whereby health and education workers who were participants had to walk out in protests.

That time, too, as now, the culprits happen to be UN agencies.

This does not mean that other international NGOs operating in the country are off the hook. They, too, swim unflinchingly in such misdemeanors.

Worst of all, we may pose gallantly, are state agencies who are expectedly supposed to see to it that our integrity is upheld by partners and everyone alike.

How come that all these things happen under their noses? And they do not stop it?

Is it that they turn their heads and avert their eyes abettingly?

Why have they NOT FOLLOWED the Presidential directive that they ought to put on toes such international agencies in par with the country’s constitution?

Why have they left such NGOs to behave as if they run this country?

Is it not one of the reasons that the opposition has recently got untold support from belligerent patriots?

The government should rout and expose any abetting state officials who aid in the treachery of the denting of the country’s image and integral rights.

This is notoriety and “carrot sticking” mode of the highest order by such international agencies that are forcefully arm-twisting us.

Plainly, clearly and loudly we reiterate the essence of Somaliland’s being as a state and as a nation.

All institutions should know that we are a de-facto state enshrined in her own independence our strive for a de-jure status should not be nipped in the bud by the UN or anyone else.

Every patriot must defend his country. It is surely nothing other than an obligation to all citizens.

On the same note we should always be ready to say what is right when it is justifiably needful.

Meanwhile we hail Madam Zamzam Cllr. Abdishakur and Eng. Hussein-deyr for standing and fighting for Somaliland.