The nation and the flag of what used to be the union of Somalia has aborted and ceased to exist.

The sentiment were given by the Deputy Information Minister Hon. Shukri Harir hence testified to the fact that since SL re-asserted her independence were fruits started to be borne and witnessed.

“Of the past 55 years (since the Union of independence) 25 of them were nothing but a nightmare,” she said.

Hon. Shukri spoke at length in Friday in a BBC Somali program “Waxay ila tahay” loosely translated meaning “as I see (it)” giving the update of Somaliland from the time it re-asserted her independence to date.

Step by step she took her listeners along the long journey taken after the armed struggle, the 18th May ’91 declaration, the pacification period and up to the establishment of democratic governance now cherished.