By Mustafe Abdi Ibrahim

Somaliland Minister of Information, Abdullahi Mohamed Dahir has revoked with immediate effect the permit of a local Somali language Television station accused of airing a programme interpreted the satirical sketch which was seen as a meaning and insulting both Somaliland integrity and the office of the President.

The Minister of Information cited that the privately owned TV Channel was in breach of the agreement it signed with the Somaliland ministry of information which prompted the cancellation of its permit to operate within Somaliland borders.

The TV station has been suspecting of being used by spy agencies belonging to the to spy on military and other sensitive installations and accused of promoting federalism or Somali unity in Somaliland for quite some now unnamed sources told us.

Chairman of the justice and welfare party Hon Faisal Ali Warabe and the party’s Presidential Jamal Ali Hussein during a press conference held at the party’s headquarters yesterday, criticized the closure and ban of the private TV, urging Journalists to go for strike.

Mohamed Rashid the executive secretary of SOLJA spearheading several media groups have come out strongly condemned this ban and requested the Somaliland authorities to respect the rights of press.


  1. As usual, the tirent is feeling threatened, and thus misuses the power against their so called somalilanders. The somaliland administration is becoming further away from their isaaq support, they're digging their own grave with oppressing civil rights, limiting freedom of speech and most importantly, iliminating any so thought to be political threat to silaanyo's office. The ones who would benefit from this are those who are cheering for the union, NICE JOB, SILAANYO!!!

      • Hey jama,

        Faqash is becoming the ghost that haunts you wherever you go, be careful, there might be a faqash in your room right now, loll.

        This is surely your somaliland problem, and it is becoming complicated by the minute. You might not understand this, but let me teach you, when a governing body misuses the power, there will be an auto uprise against that misuse. Now, universal isn't the problem, but your beloved silaanyo was silencing his own people since he took this position, particularly, since that 2012 elections.
        Listening to your supporters doesn't really help to solve the problem, but analysing the needs of others is the crutial step that your president should respect and take

        • I am not really sure if I killed your father during SNM straggle, I was one who destroyed your live forced Faqash to seek shelter from Kenya I don't care if Faqash ghost cames back or not we are always ready to defend our country any forgers especially you.

          • I was trying to teach you how to debate fairly, but it seems you need some manners before anything. If you stuck in the debate and you don't know what to say, then don't mention my father, that's just off topic and you don't know him anyway so don't go personal, but instead, be quiet or at least try to justify why do you have a problem in debating, and im ready to teach you.

            Try to discover what you don't like to know instead of walking behind silaanyo like a sheep

          • I have never trusted faqash descendents my entire live and there is no way they can teach me and my children something new, we all know each other, lastly you most understand Somaliland is a real country and is not a joke .

  2. What rights are they talking about? Somaliland media group supported UniversalTV who call Somaliland maamul goboleedka Somaliland The Somaliland government also should ban all Media groups whose operate in Somaliland they all supported Somaliland enemies.

    • The less we share the better… 🙂 do you understand.

      We need to Push the future paths of the TWO countries so far apart that you Somalia-Amisom colony will feel more related to Kenya then Somaliland-Republic.

      In fact change your language to Swahili 🙂 Good bye.

  3. This make shift owned by uncultured beast, whose only good in creating animosities among the people of the Horn of Africa shouldn't in the first place allowed to come to Somaliland. I call it the TV of mal-culture and ignorance, because I remember few years back, when it aired a program in which the Somaliland women were called whores and the Somaliland men were called drunkards. Not only that but Somalilander staff were all discriminated at, sacked or left TV Universal in disgust. To go back to the last show, which the author of this piece calls "satirical" did not try to ridicule the only democratically elected President in the Horn of Africa, but also the first lady of Somaliland, a private citizen.

    I'm not happy only because TV universal was kicked out, but many Somaliland politicians came out of the closet and told us where their hearts belong to and definitely not to my Somaliland. Remember this TV is Somalia-owned and we shouldn't allow Somalia propaganda machine to come to our soil.

  4. They should never allowed this so called mediocre tv ever again in Somaliland.
    well done Minister.

  5. Universal or whatever they call it can go to HELL this is Somaliland. Public opinion matters and had finally forced the Government to act in kicking these Enemies out.

  6. I personally, do not like the behaviour of Universal Television towards Somaliland, but I believe this happening of making comic cartoons to the Somaliland leader, was just a normal one. I have personally watched that short program and felt that was a worth of laughing as all leaders around the world are mockingly done on cartoons and wongo too. We have to learn more about media characters any way, before w take a hasty action.
    M. Musa

    • Somaliland media can only make these comic cartoons but we will never except foreign media to insult our notion and universal tv is one of them he can go to hell.

  7. A national pride grid needs skillful management.
    It was gratifying to hear the minister’s announcement that the national pride is working well and that nothing can hurt it, leave alone a cheap comedy of making fun of Siilaanyo.

  8. Somaliland's closed totalitarian regime and their comrade Silanyo is closer to:
    A) Cuba
    B) North Korea
    C) Both
    D) All of the above

    Pick your answer increasingly freedomless Somalilanders

    • what is wrong with that. I personally support dictatorial regime if Siilaanyo wants to became like North Korea leader.

  9. Deviation from the topic is not new, but was used by those who do not have valid arguments to derail the discussion. Universal TV is Somalia-owned it belongs to foreigners and was given a privilege in Somaliland they betrayed the country that offered them the privilege and that privilege is withdrawn. So now, what is the problem? We decide who works in our country and who doesn't not Somalia and not this little Xamar cadaan that is serving those who raped his mother and sisters in front of him in the streets of Mogadishu.

  10. The program in question is introduced by one Ajax who says – among other things – "we designed this program to Unify Somalis/Somalia". He also said they did the same program on leaders of regional admins such as Puntland and Jubaland. That means, to him, Somaliland is just another regional administration> What a gall!

  11. I am not a fan of Siilaanyo but under no circumstances would I allow non-Somalilanders to lampoon at our president, even if the caricature or burlesque correctly reflects the political situation in Somaliland.

    Universal should never have been allowed in Somaliland in the first place. I would have had no problem if Bulsho tv or HCTV made a similar parody. It will be the height of absurdity and hypocrisy if they ever allow Universal in Somaliland.

  12. I think its the fault of Somalilanders to be honest. Whenever, I say lets get these walawayne mof os out of our area some smart mouth always comes in with walal waa daad somalieed bs.

    Just bc you share a language and religion doesnt mean you are the same people or have the same goals and aspirations. If I were in office I would a) Make sure no walawayne tv is on air b) keep walawayne businesses to an absolute minimum in Somaliland whether its tv, money exchange etc c) resettle their refugees back in Somalia, bus them back!

    If you dont believe in Somaliland then you shouldnt be in it, thats like saying you dont believe in Santa Claus but you still wait for presents

  13. SL TV calls Zoomalia "Dawlada Federaalka" just as they want. But walaweyn call the "maamul goboleed". So who is paying who?

  14. there is no higher office in somaliland it,s low live scumbag,s office . shed more crocodile tears with no recognition to show for.

    • Hey Son of mad mullah get out of here we are not talking about Kastuumo we"re talking about Somaliland future and there is no place for you by….

  15. There is nothing about universal. They are nothing but low educated Moryaans. They have no idea about about journalism ethics. They have no knowledge of boundaries of what is right and wrong. These basically primarily low life who has much disdain for the Republic of Somaliland. Somalilanders need to protest in front of their offices and even ransack and destroy them. these are our arch enemies. We need to work like North Korea, Vietnam, and Israel. I also wonder who is financing unemployed, under-educated Walaweyn Moryaans to have a TV. This was not a TV propaganda mouth piece of our enemies. Let us deal these people as our real enemies which they are. All foreign TV, or website must be closed in Somaliland. These people will never do anything good for Somaliland.

  16. Somaliland did the right thing after all its not America or any western secular democracy is going to start airing on public television Saudi Salafi ideology. Thats how wide the gap is between Somaliland and Somalia. We are not even in the same galaxy of thought.

    If you dont believe in Somaliland why are you on a site that contributes news from it? I dont believe in creastionism and I dont go to their websites, I dont believe in Santa Clause so I dont stay up for presents. If you dont believe in Somaliland then get off our sites and get out of our lands. Simple as that.

  17. “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.”

  18. Obviously, I don't support blocking the freedom of Press in Somaliland, but there should be limitation where the press cannot cross beyond that level. Somaliland gave freedom of press not only locally, but also international media including those broadcasting in Somali-language. Somaliland press or media in general doesn't attempt to damage the other Somalis regions, especially the war-torn Somalia. Instead they welcomed their refugees openly for the last (20) years.

    Somalis media should be aware of their position and use the media for its specific purpose, but not for humilating the other societies. Somaliland will never down their Somalis brothers, but the treatment should be the same. Now Universal should pay the price of its second violation of Somaliland Territory.

    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia