By Abdirahman M. Dirye


Cirro laying the foundation stone for a new health Center in October Suburb of HargeisaCirro laying the foundation stone for a new health Center in October Suburb of Hargeisa
Cirro laying the foundation stone for a new health Center in October Suburb of HargeisaCirro laying the foundation stone for a new health Center in October Suburb of Hargeisa

Hon Abdirahman Abdilahi Irro laid foundation stone for Health Center in October District, Hargeisa amid well attended and highly charged on the February following the government falling short of its national duties. An old man stood and complimented the Wadani’s presidential candidate for unexpected assistance to the health, a job supposed to be done by the government of Kulmiye ruling party of notorious massive embezzlement. Also, the Wadani party donated bus to Bali-dhiig Boarding School in fulfilling a promise the party leader Iro made during his Good Omen Journey in East-wise locally known as Safarka Samawade. The first time in the history of the world, an opposition party takes over the role of the government to help his masses.

An old man stood during the Health center laying foundation stone and said “this tiny birth delivery center consisting of two rooms has been pending in the municipality for two years, we lost hope if the government could ever build, so thank you sir (Abdirahman) for coming to us. We pray for success” .He finished. Another middle aged woman stood and took the microphone and said” we are cynical about the government, so Mr. Candidate please promise us to complete delivery clinic when you come to power”. The people are tired of empty promises of Silanyo’s government.

Somalilanders entirely forget the government as it engages in wholesale of the few remaining hospital buildings and other ex-government structures. Muse Bihi Kulmiye candidate held prayer session with his kinsmen in Gabilay“ I will rule ‘the country’ with justice” he stated. This remarks casted doubt of the entire upcoming elections. Is he well aware of predetermined election outcome in his favor? Did he know that the government guarantees him to win in the next presidential elections at the all costs: rigging or faking ballot boxes then packing into his party’s boxes? What’s going on? God forbid that! Or is he spoke out of his mind? His tone speaks volumes of the trust assured for him by his boss.

Despite his trips to the east being surrounded by military vehicles and military men like Mohamed Kaahin, he seems overconfident and superficially winner of any elections not just the coming one but of all times because he is “rare stock”.

Not learnt anything from his gaffes, Bihi re-launched his notorious remarks “ Gabilay will be the center of the campaign” of which local analysts said he meant they would be a ‘bridge to power’ as much as president Silanyo did: remain neglected for life! And waving shoes at the presidents’ nose and dressing national flags in dogs as newly found tactics of weak man’s method for retaliation despite unmanly.

He poorly treated a proud people who have no single prominent minister in the government Muse wants them to reelect. Muse Bihi held clannish meeting to forget how the sitting president deprived them of the country’s resources and fair power sharing as long as Hussein Abokor HA is satisfied because they have the exclusive power and the stamp to make someone Sacad Muse or otherwise, take, Nimco Yasin, longtime member of an outcast but enjoys Hussein Abokor membership! She was given a choice to whom she wants to belong. According to sources, he asked to feel happy because he is happy. One smart guy stood and said “ you represent yourself and your HA but not us” , Gabilay sadly became good for voting winning parties but gaining nothing out of it. But Wadani promised to change that if they vote for the party un-clannishly. They seem to allow to be taken for ride once again so they must blame themselves only not us. Said Wadanist. Gabilians may stand up for their rights and overwhelmingly vote for the right party.

Warana’ade Interior Minister also working covertly with Wadani deported Kulmiye supporters many of them were residents in Hero Awr or Hisbiga. But he resisted deporting Somalis as many of them will vote for Wadani.

The self-appointed president and anti-East pontificator Muse whose tribe prayed for him to rule the ‘nation’ with justice insults every region in Somaliland. Before he described in the East as simply “backward, warlike, uneducated in comparing to Buurta Camuud or Buurta Golis which equip their monster students with THDs! Awdal is and has been doing well.

In live televised discussion with students, intellectuals, and lay people, once asked if he said the sad remarks about the East, Muse, brazen arrogant uncompromisingly as ever never redacted but said again in forceful way. Factually speaking, Somali modern education father, Mohamed Ahmed Ali, three presidents, and the first Somali, Hussein Adam Tanzanian ever done doctorate at Harvard University, are from the East.

In fact, Osman Bille from Erigavo, according to Jonathan Star’s confirmation, inspired the Abaarso Tech foundation. Surely, the Easterners are more creative than the westerners are. Surely without Osman’s guidance, Jonathan Star wouldn’t come to Somaliland to establish state-of-art school thus none of Gabilay could ever in Boston but in Buurta Gacan libax or Golis or other zero quality colleges that dominated Hargeisa’s educational landscape of many of its graduates end up in their favorite employers the two Ts : terror or Tahriib.

His acquaintances of Calan Cas or Red Flag, remaining army majors refused to endorse his candidacy, in fact, consider utter joke, many think the president wants to end the party for good! The president Silanyo convinced him to campaign cleverly of his government “overachievements”: sales of hospitals, theaters, libraries, schools, and renting out lands. Fooling himself, he did so. A minister told returnee from the West to look for a buyer of the road between Hargeisa and Berbera, it’s good for satellite launch! The returnee gets shocked. Again the minister said “the Sheikh beautiful mountains are good at being nuclear dumping ground”.

The list of public places to be auctioned before the elections are many, thanks to Minister Samsam’s detailed budget, she revealed: Theater, Sheikh Bashir, Birjeex, military barack, Gandi library, Khayriyadda, the city’s square and 26 June district office, Hargiesa; Berbera power supplies; possibly the grand Mosque of Mustajama for it has few worshippers, and anything their hands touch.

Every sane person says this isn’t the type of Somaliland I fought for.

All blunders and lootings tarnish the party Muse Bihi inherited but there’s one beneficiary: Abdirahman Irro of the Wadani and he would capitalize.