waran cades flagThe Republic of Somaliland Minister of Interior, Ali Mohamed Waran’addeh, on Sunday, committed the worst possible constitutional transgression against the nation.It is ironic that the minister made the blunder at a press conference, held at the Ministry of interior grounds,  the objective of which was to fleece the opposition on calling for ‘unconstitutional’ conferences of late, and for reneging on agreements that the three political parties reached and, yet, crying ‘wolf!’ to, ostensibly, cloud the issue and have the last say.The minister, who had been known for eye-catching initiatives during his many stints at ministerial posts under various administrations, capped all with -of all things – the distasteful defacement of the national flag of the Republic of Somaliland.The Minister added to the constitutionally defined colors and particulars of the national flag.

flagArticle 7 of the ROS Constitution clearly states that:

  1. The flag of the Republic of Somaliland shall consist of three horizontal, parallel and equal sections, the top section of which is coloured green and has inscribed in its midst in white in Arabic language (the phrase) La Ilaaho Ila-Allaah Muhammad Rasuulah-Allaah(There is no God, but Allah and Mohammad was his Prophet); the middle section is white and has inscribed in its midst an equally sided five pointed black star; and the bottom section is coloured clear red.

The Minister completely ignored the last seven words “the bottom section is coloured  clear red”!

Where it was to be clear red, the Minister emblazoned the figures 1960 in white, in the middle, changing the flag to something akin to the  standard banners of soccer clubs or gentlemen’s tea saloons.

The mistake oversteps boundaries when a whole nation’s colors is flirted with.

It is now up to the President, the Supreme Court and the bicameral house of Parliament to take swift, proper and very decisive action against this unforgivable infraction if the Minister does not beat them to it by manfully owning up to his mistake and by most sincerely  apologizing to the nation for falling out of step.

Nobody – not even the President – has the right to tinker with the Constitution. If change there must be, it should be made through amendments agreed upon by the Executive and Legislative organs of the government and, thence, be passed into a ratified instrument by the Parliament.

Or should we call it the Waran’addeh Republic flag?