By Goth Mohamed Goth

Dr. Ali Khalif Galeydh, the self-declared President of Khaatumo State of Somalia vowed to continue to wage a bloody war on Somaliland.

Dr. Ali Khalif Galeydh speaking to the press in Mogadishu, the Somalia’s capital revealed that the rebel group had in the past 10 days conducted military operation against Somaliland armed forces in the Sool region of Somaliland.

“Bases belonging to Somaliland armed forces in Sool region were targets of attacks launched by the units aligned to Khatuumo state in the past 10 days”, he said.

Dr. Ali Khalif Galeydh added, “Forces aligned to Khatuumo state latest attack on SL armed forces occurred on Tuesday night and our aim is to dislodge SL armed forces from the region as a whole.

“Our ultimate aim is to liberated all the territory being currently forcibly occupied by Somaliland armed forces although we would prefer to a peaceful coexistence with our neighbors”, he stated.

Dr. Ali Khalif Galeydh went on to say, “It seems peace is not achievable so until we are capable of triggering a firestorm to wipeout Somaliland…” Yet, in another audio clip, the Khatumo rebel leader, Dr. Galaydh himself, vows to wage a Jihad war against Somaliland. He reminds his supporters, “Our Jihad tantamount to the one the prophet waged against the non-believers…”

In the past Khatuumo’s spokesman Mr. Mahmoud Sheikh Umar, Dr. Galaydh’s right hand man, advocates for attacking bridges and transportation system in Somaliland, to bring it to its knees. He openly states, “We must attack the bridges, highways, public transit, and wherever our supporters are, they should attack Somaliland.

Additionally, the Khatumo rebels routinely ambush Somaliland security forces as one of its leaders, named Yassin Ahmed Sulub admits, “We have attacked the Somaliland security forces killing dozens and wounding many more…