cirro12The beleaguered, and current self appointed Leader of Waddani Party Mr Abdirahmaan Irro have lost the trust and confidence of his grassroots Party members as well as all Somaliland electorate throughout hte country.

The crumbling of Waddani is unfolding before our eyes due to lack of leadership poor managment and there is a growing fear among the voters that Waddani is not ready to participate any peaceful presidential election without reform and leadership change.

Over the   last 2 years Waddani members and tribal based loyal supporters have come to realize the fact that Waddani is heading for an election disaster. First of all there is no democratic process or political structure within the Party.

Secondly of all Waddani supporters are angry, frustrated, bewildered, and above all people have no faith in the leadership of Chairman Cirro and his inexperience, unqualified, and undisciplined senior officials.

Always attempting to stir up, hatred, and division amongst the peace loving population of Somaliland citizens. Regardless of their region,class Political affiliation or Tribe.

Waddani leaders have got a big problem with understanding what their people wants and needs and how to run an effective and Respectable Mainstream Political Party with Ideas and Strategic Policies in place to win the Hearts & Minds of the electroate an words, (Voters)   ”There is a saying in English” ”The Blind’ Leading The Blind.” No disrespect to genuine blind people.

Last year senior Waddani officials have encourage and spearheaded’ an illegal demonstration in Burco City which had resulted the death   and wounded of innocent people” going about their daily liives.

We all know now that Waddani Party leaders have no vested interest in winning election their only motive is to cause violence’ mayhem’ and destruction in thier own country. Reason being is that there is no clear agenda for nationhood unity’ and vision and can’t be trusted to run their own Political Party lets alone the country.

As far as Somaliland intellectuals, Academics and respectable Traditional Elders   are concerned’ Waddani is doomed to fail. But the one Million question is that will they” or won’t they” go quietly or change their leader and ways of conducting business?

Further more our citizens main concerns’ is the stability’ unity’ and security of Somaliland and Waddani Party is evidently poses a threat to the security and unity of the country. Taking into account their recent track-record by instigating illegal public unarrest in Awdal and Burco. It’s ironic that the Party’s front page cabinet has a serious issues with (PR)   Public Relation.

The bottom line is that Waddani cannot be treated as a respectable and credible Main Stream Political Party any longer.

If you think, that I’ have been too harsh, or unfair, to Waddani hardliners then please clarify,”’ What Waddani really stand for and respect ???????

Ali A Ismail Dheeg-UK