95523f8a4f7c593eb5d1e024afa07eca_LBy Goth Mohamed Goth

Hon Jamal Ali Hussein, the Justice and Welfare party (UCID)Presidential favorite while speaking to party members and supporters in Oslo ,Norway stated, “It’s through the will and choosing of Allah (SWT) that one becomes the head of state but also depends on the hard work and determination on the part of supporters .

The UCID Presidential hopeful who is currently visiting Norway which is part of his tour of European countries while addressing party members and supporters said, “The top job (Presidency) comes with a lot of responsibility and everyone vying for that position faces a lot of challenge and I pray and wish that Allah (SWT) will lead and guide as in the right path when that time comes and I also pray Allah (SWT) to bless our country.

Politics has many faces, it keeps changing by day after day but whoever Allah blesses becomes the chosen one to ascend to the top position. So we must not seek enmity neither should we discriminate against each other because nothing happens without Allah (SWT) will. I aware be grateful and always remember all those of you who have helped me throughout my political years by giving advice, moral support and wealth, May Allah (SWT) bless you all by rewarding you with his good tidings and all of you have a special place in my heart.

Hon Jamal Ali Hussein also expressed his profound gratitude’s to Somaliland diaspora community living in Norway and party supporters for their generosity and hospitality by saying, “I must acknowledge that I am overwhelmed by emotions because of your hospitality; I would firstly like to thank all party members ,supporters and Somaliland diaspora community living in Norway for hosting us during the short stay here in Norway , I on behalf of my delegation say once again thank you and we really appreciate your hospitality.