The most terrible thing that political deficiency can do to humans is that it makes humans linger in abstraction. And when societies linger in abstraction their wisdom starts to fade away and their destiny then looks like a quilt of merry-go-round.

Experience itself is a recollection of what we meet when we make plans in our life. As we remember the past, societies always reconstruct their culture in accordance with what is important and what is not.

The observation is tthat Somaliland people never seem to make sure that their own political culture remains realistic and resilient in the midst of the ordinary and sometimes extraordinary occasions, activities, events, pressures and responsibilities that shape they way they live today.

There is no fancy way to say that Somaliland people are still trapped in cycles of suspicion and uncertainty. The bounds of our fundamental basics and principles of politics are excessively and unwisely invaded. One wonders where – if anywhere – our political culture is heading to when people do not care about moral authority. One also wonders whether there are any barriers of decency and dignity left when all people want to go to heaven but no one walks pure before God.

Presidents of every country usually make official internal tours for various reasons. Number one, to shape the domestic mandate on how to set out policies and plans according to the outlook they see them right. Number two, to know the needs, demands, and requirements of the people living in the regions they travel to.

When presidents get engaged with such tours, they are only welcomed and received by high ranking government officials. Masses are not mobilised to welcome presidents. Government employees never leave their jobs to welcome presidents. Public offices never remain closed. Public services never get interrupted. Everything goes as usual.

In Somaliland, the opposite is true. Main roads remain closed without notice. All modes of transport get suck in every street, causing unnecessary traffic jams, people oohing and aahing, policemen struggling for keeping street vendors out of the main road, students unable to reach their schools, a lot of painful disruptions and so on and so forth.

How stupidly we believe that our petty politics is evolutionary. How stupid we become when we come to believe that monotony may after all be the best condition for creation when all else fails.

Ultimately the truth finds its way out and that pain is greater than the pain of the first wrong done. The truth is that we always reguriitate the old useless traditions when we vertually fail to come up with new ideas and even become unable to elaborate whatever we experienced from our history.

The reception and the welcome home paid to Colonel Muse Biixi by inhabitants in East of Hargeisa Districts was quite overwhelming according to those who arranged the events of this occasion.

But the final analysis of this presidential reception that happened in East of Hargeisa suggests indications that might lead people into two extremes like the age of β€œMilitia and Marya Alool.”

Learning the nature and the structure of conditioning brings order and outstanding culture; not the order of society which is disorder.

The analysis and indications of the homage rendered to Colonel Muse Biixi and his accompanying delegation are in an emberyuonic stage. Whoever articulates them, will have rung a wake-up call.

By : Jama Falaag
Hargeisa, Somaliland.