A Yemeni owned fishing trawler has sunk off the western coast of Somaliland a fortnight ago.

Rear Admiral Ahmed Aw Osman who is in charge of Somaliland marine forces confirmed the sinking of the Yemeni owned fishing trawler a fortnight ago near the western port of Maydh on Wednesday at about 5:30 pm.

Somaliland marines rescued the all 5 man crew on board the trawler after they received the distress call made by the Yemenis which came at a critical time.

The commander of Somaliland marine forces ,said” If the crew of the sunken trawler had sent the distress call earlier something would have been done to safe the vessel and the two motor boats on board ,he also lauded the marines who took part in the rescue mission for their diligence in executing their duties.

Goth M Goth


  1. Good job Somaliland navy for your hard work and professionalism. My question is, are these fishermen from Yemen, have permission to fish in Somaliland territory? If not they should face the music of Somaliland justice and go to jail or deported to Yemen.

  2. Commander!. I guess this one uniform for the one man-army of marines of Garadagland was borrowed from one of the neighbouring countries. I thought I saw the same gentlemen in the uniform collecting tax from milk sellers in Hargeisa.

    • another darood whining, what is with you people and crying about poeple's success .

      i bet filthy darood pirateshave attacked them.