By M.A. Egge

The Great Lakes regional organization IGAD has suggested that the solution to the conflict in Las Anod should be through dialogue.

The IGAD resolution on Las Anod issue that was adopted in Djibouti reflects exactly that the government of Somaliland took several months ago and has repeatedly upheld, only for it to be unfortunately rejected.

In their resolutions following the 14th meeting of the Heads of State at the IGAD regional headquarters in Djibouti, the issues raised were part of the solution to their position in the Las Anod conflict; they called for both a ceasefire and dialogue to address the matter.

In a long press release issued by the members of IGAD at the end of their meeting on June 12, 2023, they touched on the Sool issue and their position on Las Anod;

“They called on the parties fighting in Las Anod to immediately stop the conflict, and to resolve the differences peacefully through dialogue and dialogue”, a clause pointed out.

In essence, the IGAD’s resolution on the solution of the issue happens to be the same as the Somaliland government’s position five months ago in addressing the Las Anod conflict, although the concerned traditional leaders and the 33-man committee of the Sool region have repeatedly rejected it in total.