Somtel, the leading Somali telecommunications company, and the eDahab mobile payment provider have launched a new product that will revolutionize the region’s digital landscape by becoming the first operator to launch a 5G network.

This groundbreaking achievement marks a significant leap forward for the region’s tech ecosystem and holds immense potential to propel digital and financial inclusion to new heights.

Somtel, which is co-owned by the powerhouse Dahabshiil Group, boasts a long history of innovation. It previously brought 4G LTE to the region and introduced modernized networks with VoLTE and eSIM technology. The company also pioneered one of the first major broadband services, Bluekom Fiber.

This latest venture into 5G aligns perfectly with aspirations for a tech-driven future priming the region for foreign investment and a flourishing tech scene.

By joining other parts of Africa including South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, and Nigeria in adopting 5G, Somalis are positioning themselves as major players in the continent’s digital transformation.

Somtel and eDahab’s digital services are bringing traditional nomadic culture into the modern age by enabling people to trade, communicate, educate themselves, and watch films and football no matter where they are in the world.

“We are incredibly proud our Somtel colleagues have launched a 5G network,” said Abdirashid Duale, CEO of Dahabshiil Group.

“This cutting-edge technology will be instrumental in driving speedy ICT solutions for economic growth and enriching the digital lives of all Somalis. The rapid connections enabled by 5G will unlock a world of possibilities and empower us to harness the benefits of emerging technologies,” he added.

With its robust network coverage, Somtel serves millions of the region’s telecommunications customers and provides digital financial services via eDahab, Dahabshiil money transfers, and banking.

It is hoped that this technology and services will enable people to trade, work, and inter-connect more closely, bringing cultures and economies together.