The modern telecommunications services company, SOMTEL has won an international award after being recognized as the best company of the year for developing telecommunications and technology companies in Africa.

The award was given by the Cambridge IFA organization that works on good governance in the world, in a ceremony that was held in the Philippines during the week

Officials representing the company were in attendance at the presentation.

A press release from the company explaining the importance of the award read:-

“We are happy that the Somtel Company won the ‘Best Growing Business and Modern Technology Company in Africa 2024’ which is an international award that held the ceremony in the Philippines.

“This award was given by the Cambridge IFA, an international global institution.

“The prestigious award recognizes Somtel, DahabPlus and eDahab and our commitment to improving telecommunications and digital services in the region.

“It was just recently when the Somtel Company became the first company to launch 5G in the Somali regions of Africa.

“Somtel, DahabPlus, and eDahab are leading the way in modern digital technology and services that boost the economy and boost business in the region”. END.

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