Somaliland Non-State Actors Forum (Sonsaf) has organized two-day workshop for a group of domestic local observers across the major towns in Somaliland on Friday. The local observers who have attended the first day of the training will monitor the upcoming parliamentary & local council elections slated to happen in Somaliland on 31st May, 2021.

The seminar participants were informed on the methodology and procedure for monitoring the combined elections. The attendees were also informed of the rights and duties bestowed upon them during the elections. More than 800 domestic local observers who have been selected from all regions in Somaliland have attended the start of the training in the country. Once the domestic local observers have completed their training, they will be dispatched to the assigned polling stations across the country on Sunday.

National Election Commission (NEC) announced that there will be 642 polling stations across the country. People with disabilities, as well as women, were part of the training that commenced across the country. There are 48 TOT’s who are conducting the training. The EU has funded the training for domestic local observers in Somaliland.