Mr. Abdiqadir Aw Ali Firdhiye, the leader of SSC Khatumo, warned Somaliland, cautioning against any potential invasion of SSC-Khatumo areas. Addressing the residents of Lasanood at the Abdi Bille Abdi football stadium, Firdhiye urged vigilance and readiness for defense in the face of purported plans by Somaliland for military action.

Addressing crowds in Las Anod town on Thursday, the leader stated that his administration had received reports indicating that Ethiopian troops were being deployed to the SSC areas to support Somaliland troops.

Expressing defiance against the alleged aggression, Firdhiye emphasized the resolve of SSC Khatumo, asserting, “We know what President Muse Bihi is orchestrating and hell defiantly lose..” He urged President Muse Bihi Abdi and the people of Somaliland to exercise wisdom and refrain from instigating conflict.

Mr. Firdhiye instructed his troops to remain on high alert and prepared for any incursion from Somaliland.

SSC Khatumo’s traditional leaders have in recent days issued conflicting reports of an imminent attack by Somaliland forces, prompting heightened concerns among the populace in Las Anod.