European Union Special Envoy, Michele Cervone d’Urso, condemned last night’s terrorist attack on Villa Somalia and expressed his sympathy with the victims and their families. The Somali security forces and AMISOM forces responded swiftly and courageously.


The Envoy said: “I am appalled by this hideous attack which took place in the month of peace, the Holy Ramadan. I pay respect to those who lost their lives in protecting the Federal leadership and call for a thorough investigation of this attack.”


The EU continues its unstinting support to the people of Somalia in their efforts to recover from years of conflict and suffering. Such cowardly acts will not be tolerated and those responsible should be brought to justice. 


  1. To hell with eu and to hell with the un. They are the only ones prolonging the somali peoples suffering. Take your bloody hands off the somali people. you’re not welcome by the somali people so you’ll never achieve your dark aims by pitting the somalis against one another.