By Ibrahim Hassan Gagale

Date: Feb. 4, 2014.

The political map of Africa that shows its independent countries had not been made by African nations or by the African Union. It is the result of the European Colonial Occupation that invaded African Continent at the end of the 19th century and divided it up into territories with colonial borders for their own political sphere of influence. When leaving Africa in the 1950s and 1960s, the Europeans based the independence and diplomatic recognition of all African emerging countries on their colonial borders. Thus, the colonial borders created current African States.

Somaliland Republic was not a province or region that seceded or broke away from Somalia as Somalia claims blindly. Somaliland was independent nation when it shared the doomed union with Somalia in 1960 and, in fact, it achieved independence before Somalia. Before Somaliland independence of June 26, 1960, Somaliland was British Protectorate with its own colonial borders while Somalia was Italian colony that achieved independence on July 1, 1960 with on its own colonial borders.

Somaliland was recognized by the United Nations and many countries on June 26, 1960 like the rest of African countries. Somaliland independence and diplomatic recognition of 1960 were based on its own colonial borders like the rest of Africa.

The West and the United Nations, which is influenced by the West too, had been withholding Somaliland diplomatic recognition for 23 years. When the Soviet Union broke up in 1989 and Federal Yugoslavia disintegrated in 1995, the Western World recognized automatically all the new countries emerging from these doomed unions while unfairly requiring Somaliland to get Ok from Somalia and the African Union as a condition for its recognition knowing that Somaliland had separate independence in 1960 based on its own colonial borders and withdrew from the doomed union with Somalia. This is ugly, deplorable double standard from the Western World. Somaliland does not need approval from Somalia or from the African Union. It just demands diplomatic recognition of the international community like the new states emerging from the collapsed Soviet Union and from the disintegrated Federal Yugoslavia. It wants to be recognized on the basis of its own colonial borders with which all African, Asian, and South American countries were recognized as independent states and members of the United Nations.

The Republic of South Sudan used to be a region belonging to Sudan Before 2011. Unlike Somaliland, it was not a separate protectorate or a colony and never had colonial borders of its own that could justify its independence and diplomatic recognition. It shared colonial borders and independence with the Republic of Sudan. It was integral part of Sudan.

The Western World cut it off from Sudan in 2011 and recognized it diplomatically as an independent country while denying Somaliland the same diplomatic recognition that it deserves rightfully more than South Sudan for having been separate Colonial Protectorate with its own colonial borders. This denial is a gross injustice of the Western World that has no grounds or reasons to support at all. It is just Western deplorable double standard.

Somaliland Republic is located on the Red Sea which is strategic position in Africa, especially in the Horn of Africa, and it is the Gate Way to Africa, Arab World, and Europe. It is fortunate to have such geopolitical strategic location in the world. The geopolitics of the world will change soon. It is well predicted that China may over take the United States in 2026 and assert itself soon as world super power.

China is already looking for strategic locations in Africa for future military bases to challenge the West. Somaliland may take advantage of this changing geopolitics of the world because of its geopolitical location in the world and bargain with it in the future for its diplomatic recognition, economic development as well as military hardware Somaliland will either remain friendly to the Western interests in that part of the world if the West grants diplomatic recognition to

Somaliland soon, which it deserves rightfully, or Somaliland geopolitical location will pose serious threat to the Western interests if Somaliland is denied of recognition and it moves to the East and enters military and economic alliance with China offering it military base at the strategic Seaport of Berbera. Somaliland could become a new

Taiwan in the Horn of Africa against the West but with diplomatic recognition because of its historical status. This is a stern warning to the double standard of the West opposing Somaliland recognition. The West must make the right choice now for recognizing Somaliland before it loses this strategic country to the East. East and West will never be on the same side in this world because of their sharp political and economic differences and because of the Western colonial occupation of the East.

Unlike Somaliland, the Tawain Island was part of China and broke away from it in 1949 when Mao Tse Tung took over China with the Communist Revolution. The King of China at that time fled to the Twain and proclaimed independent state on the Island, and that is why it does not have diplomatic recognition yet. The Twain Island is industrial country today receiving huge economic and military support from the United States to challenge China. Somaliland was not a part or province of Somalia but Somaliland and Somalia were two independent countries which shared the failed union in 1960 after achieving independence from Great

Britain and Italy respectively. Somalia was solely responsible for

dooming that union after committing atrocities against Somaliland people

in 1980s which forced Somaliland people to withdraw from the union and

reclaim its independence in 1991. Recently, Somalia admitted that it

committed atrocities against Somaliland.

The claim of Africa Union and some African leaders that if Somaliland is recognized, it will be threat to the stability of the continent is false and preposterous. These leaders know unequivocally that Somaliland has the same historical status with all the African countries. They know that Somaliland has the same colonial borders with which their countries received independence and diplomatic recognition and that Somaliland became independent country on June 26, 1960 as many of their countries.May be some African leaders and others confuse Somaliland with Puntland.

Puntland is an integral part of Somalia and shares colonial borders and history with Somalia. Those who are against Somaliland recognition, needto read the history of the African continent.

Somaliland is situated in the Horn of Africa. It lies between the 08°00′- 11°30′ parallel North of the Equator and between 42°30′ – 49°00′ Meridian East of Greenwich. It is bordered by the Red Sea to the North, Djibouti to the West, Ethiopia to the South, and  Somalia to the East.

Somaliland has a coastline with the majority lying along the Gulf of Aden (Red Sea). The country is slightly larger than England, with an area of 137 600 km² (53,100 sq miles).

Somaliland people have the right to self-determination and they will not compromise their hard-won destiny with another union with Somalia. Unions and federalism do not survive in Africa because of the chronic tribalism and corruption that plunge the continent in endless civil wars and economic setbacks. No one needs or wants to see devastating civil wars between Somalia and Somaliland again. Fruits in one’s pocket are not thrown away for fruits on the top of a high tree. Somaliland chooses the fruits in the pocket over fruits on a high tree because they are sure and reliable to eat. Somaliland people choose its own independence over unreliable union with Somalia that would have unpredictable future that could lead to another civil war. Remember: Once won is not won twice.

Written: Ibrahim Hassan Gagale.


  1. In order to be recognized you must first be recognizable. Somaliland tribal fraud is not worthy of a country being the worst part of Somalia that cannot stand alone. Kudos to the world for rejecting warlord run scams from dividing Somalia.

  2. Very good article indeed! However, whether recognized by international community or not, Somaliland is here to stay forever. The enemies of Somaliland within or without can cry through their dirty lungs, without changing a fact called Somaliland.
    May Allah, bless Somaliland and its people. Amen.

  3. Exactly! Somalilanders are beyond the point of return, its not even in our mindset or realm of possibility that Somaliland and Somalia should share a government body. We might speak the same lanaguage etc but we are not the same people, we do not have the same goals.

  4. Position of international communities with respect to dusty cities of Hargeisa , Burca and Barbara can not be any clearer . So called Somaliland is tribal enclaves run by khat addict of Isak clan who are also proven a time after time that they are puppet of Ethiopian Government . Your brothers and sisters of Mogadishu would glad have you back with open arms to address your grievance to your satisfaction .

    • Ugandisho is currently a colony of Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Seirre leone and Nigeria.

      20,000 troops complete a tour of duty for 9months each… between 2009-2014.

      The Number remains constant but the serving soldiers are constantly rotated as such in fact over 130,000 different soldiers have served in Somalia-Italia for that period.

      Have they all left their seeds?

      Some have taken their wives with them whose children will return back to Bugandisho as citizens right?

      Now why not simply recognize a TWO-STATE solution and request 20,000 Somaliland soldiers to create your NEXT generation if you LOVE us so much?

      Where is Somalinimo?


      🙂 You have lost your country, do you want us to save it for you?

  5. Many died liberating Somaliland after 1960 mistake union with Somalia in search for Greater Somali Republic (include Djibouti, Eastern Kenya, Ogaden) and this will never happen again no matter what.

    • Rest assured my dear Leyla, Somaliland is on a return way. I wish otherwise too but we blame our central community's insatiable greed and power hunger that has driven other communities to look at the south once more as they did in unison in the 60's. And unless the greedy community behave otherwise, you can kiss that dream goodbye. Good luck however for your wishful thinking.

  6. Very good article! I like good man,but don't worry one day we will be recognized. We can wait whatever it takes. Also we are not hating our brothers and sisters, we need each other always. We need to grow up and understand the games. God bless the five Somalis.

  7. Somaliland Republic is a Nation and will be a Nation forever. Viva Somaliland Republic. <3 <3 <3

  8. This "International Law" is in the pockets of the same westerners who wrote it, so they flaunt it as it pleases them. It is laughable asking Croatia to ask recognition from Serbians if they want to become independent 🙂 yet this stupid request is what they have been making against SL.

    And SL governments are no better as they do not charge such westerners with dishonesty and injustice. Why would they accept these talks with the bantus today for example? My mind tells me its because our people do not value themselves, damaged by constant barrage of ill treatments causing them loss of confidence just as the westerners hurt the self-esteem of the black populations living amongst them.

  9. somaliland 1 tribe enclave recognition will never materialize for next 100 stop day dreaming and manipulating the poor milk vendors,butchers by swindling out of hardly earned dollars for recognition.snm have to learn some lesson about international law pertaining how to become sovergn nation or to get recognition. it,s annoying u guys stiil hugging the wrong tree. if i look east ,west ,north ,south.i don,t see critiria or eligiblity that fits snm recognition. so if you need some orientation about international law don,t miss my class and it,s held only 1 day a year.

    • Dear friend,

      An orderly managed one tribe nation is better than your 100 warlords, who never think even to the objectives beyond their continuing war for the last (20) years. SNM changed the hisotry of the third world and proved the world that there is no room for dictators including your dozen of presidents who never crossed their management outside of their capital. Not only that, but hired 30,000 foreign troops to maintain their safety. Somaliland never hired a foreign troops for the last (25) years, but is managed by its own people and enjoys all walks of life. Therefore, who is a government? nation depending on 30000 foreign troops, or those managing their affairs by themselves with full demoracy.

      Love it or leave it, Somaliland is a new miracle in the global history.

      Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    • The so-called Darwish,

      Do not tell as we the proud Somalilanders , how to get sovereignty. If you know that much just help your cause called Katoomseeg. Because, you are already wiped out of the face of this earth by non other than your cousin the pirateland.

  10. Well-done Ibrahim Hassan Gagale. Every positive development in the Republic of Somaliland is like a thorn in the bantu eyes of wanlaweyn. Already faking tears, when they feel the perforation in their eye balls they shed real tears. Gagale that is exactly what your articles do to the bantus. Keep up the good work.

  11. My dear Gagale, instead of issuing a stern warning to the west, I wish if you can issue a similar warning to your uncle who, in concert with individuals like you masquerading as true and concerned citizens, has taken this nation to a primordial era. Morals and ethics are the two main drivers of human dignity and integrity, which are in short supply in the rank and file around the old fox at the helm. It has been said,"you are loudest when you lie to yourself." And you are lying to yourself when you blame an outsider for the ills of your uncle and his illicit activities to enrich kinships like you. Don't you know domestic affairs are the reflection of what the west sees of SL. Don't fool yourself unless you are the same as the goat-header now a minister at our "karamalda place." It is a shame of a nation still courting someone it must have known him long time ago and a hungry sub devouring the meager resources of this new nation.

    • Mr. Lie-Teller, The article has nothing to do with politics. Whatever they do, Governments come and go. The article is about historical reality and destiny of a nation.

      • The reality is that Somaliland is a mere mirage that will bane out with time and until the southern brothers put their affairs in perspective . And then the mass immigration of northern people would soon begin. The true history is that Somaliland was part of the republic of Somali and it will remain so for ever, believe it or not!!!!

  12. Viva the Republic of Somaliland. What was called Somalia is no more and ended in 1991. They only exist in memory and name. The rEpublic of Somaliland is the real living state that is soverign and independent. What is left of Walweyn is a Brundi colony.

  13. It is shame to talk with this hopeless somalis from somalia. Talking about recognition. Somaliland has done the best way to be recognised somaliland has kick somalia ass and keep them at bay. that is for one, somaliland keeps it's peace and try to maintain law and order. somaliland shaw the road all the haters. somaliland minds it's own business. somaliland has become good neighbourly nation. and last but not least somaliland has tought good leson to it's enamy and ready to teach them again. the man who think recognition is important anymore must only be somalilander. as we show the raod to somalia and by force

  14. We all know that Somaliland and it's people will never have political union with Somalia. But, I must point out that the people constantly commenting negatively on very Somaliland article are not from the majority community in Somalia (they are far too busy with other stuff), but from those community who will be minorities in Somaliland and Somalia. Communities who long for the olds days when they were in power. Communities who know that those days will never come back and they are destined to be minorities in both Somaliland and Somalia. Communities who would like drag Somaliland back into the anarchy that is Somalia. To play the two majority communities in Somaliland and Somalia against each other. So, Just ignore I them. I know it is difficult, but remember sticks and stones may break your bones, but name calling will not.

  15. Recognition of Somaliland is bonus, but not everything! Wonder though how Somaliland worked even though some of you are calling tribe owned place but Greater Somalia has not worked. I strongly believe that Greater Somalia will never work.My advise is ask Somalilanders and how they got right !.