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Egypt is threatening Sudan’s safety by blocking international loans for Ethiopia’s hydro-dam, said Sudan’s top official of Eastern Blue Nile State Hussein Ahmad. According to the Sudanese mp, cash-strapped Ethiopia will end up shortcutting the hydrodam construction to avoid rising costs which could lead to long-term structural issues for the dam and flooding.

The Blue Nile State is located at the Sudanese border directly by the western Ethiopian region where the GERD hydrodam is currently under construction. In a scenario where the  dam collapses, analysts say Sudan’s Blue Nile State could be devastated with flooding.

The Sudanese official said “Egyptian racism toward Africa” played huge part in Egypt’s blocking of international financial aid to Ethiopia. He said Cairo cares more about control than safety since Egypt originally wanted to finance the Ethiopian dam itself. According to the SIS, Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy “offered to finance the construction of the Ethiopian Renaissance dam.”

The Sudanese official added that Khartoum will “hold Egypt fully responsible if structural failure of the dam results in Sudan’s flooding.”

He said Egypt should diversify its economy instead of total dependence on the Nile river shared by ten countries.  “No country opposed the construction of Egypt’s Aswan Dam even though that dam hurt the livelihood of indigeneous Nubian people and destroyed ancient artifacts,” he claimed.

In February this year, Sudanese foreign Minister Ali Karti has also criticised Egypt for opposing the Ethiopian Dam. The Minister accused Egyptian media of fabricating information about the hydrodam and he said the dam’s benefits outweigh any potential issues. The Europe-based Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) also recommended Cairo to pay Ethiopia as the dam is expected to save Egypt millions in expenses for sediment control and water loss due to evaporation.


  1. Egypt all decided to fund the Dam if it were given the key……….The control factor is the real problem and the Sudanese official couldn’t have put it any clearer.

  2. We Ethiopian People arte thankful to the Sudanese People, North and South. Long live our friendship.

  3. Good luck Ethiopia and Sudan sadly somalis are so far up arab bottoms they cant see how things are. I hope African men collectively grow a pair and take back their minds and lands.

  4. Egypt is not against the Dam project because of its “Racism towards Africa”. It is because the experts panel formed from the three countries (Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt) concluded that the dam needs more studies to prove its safety. Egypt also has offered to participate in funding and construction of the proejct. Stop playing the race card as it is not really the issue.

    • May be you should read the actual report and not just repeat what your politicians say. If the concerns/risks were greater than the benefits, Egypt wouldn’t have needed to request the report be classified. Only way for you to use excerpts of the report, out of context, to your own selfish end. Wake up!!! Unless Egypt starts looking for other ways and diversify, even a 100% monopoly over the Nile will not be enough to satisfy their water needs in the coming 20-30 years. Besides the 1959(if I’m not mistaken) agreement Egypt brings up all the time is an agreement signed with your own colonial masters and not the riparian countries concerned. Ethiopia cannot and will not accept this agreement as valid and binding.

      • Egypt is referring on the 1929 and 1959 agreements to claim their so called “historical rights”. the first one was signed by GB and Egypt (a GB colony – so in fact was signed by GB for both parties) and the second one was signed by Egypt and Sudan. both treaties are irrelevant for Ethiopia, the first one could have been applicable to some basin countries but all of them after becoming indipendent rejected the 1929 agreement and notified their decision to the relevant parties. The Vienna convenction recognize all the newly indipendent countries the right to reject the agreements signed on their behalf by the colonial powers.
        For this reason the 1929 agreement is no longer valid while the 1959 agreement is only binding to the signatories (Egypt and Sudan)

      • Mo’a Anbesa
        First please change your rotten oppressive name inherited from fake feudal history book. Ethiopia is a secular state now though there is still one religion oppressed.

    • Egypt strongly opposed to the publication of the IPoE report. The report
      was recenlty leaked and everybody understood why Egypt did not want the
      document to be public and always pushed the issue on a political level
      rather than keep it on a technical level. As many other qualified
      experts concluded, the IPoE report is reccomending additional studies to
      be done but the truth is that the report is quite positive on the
      project overall and that s something Egypt do not want to be known.

      regards to the recent financial support offered by the Egyptian foreign
      ministry, it is very interesting to note that it comes after the so
      called “diplomatic offensive” launched by Egypt to win the support of
      the international community. It was a great success, wasn it? Everybody
      told them “yes we understand your concerns, but Ethiopia is a sovereign
      country and has the right to use its own resources. Go back and
      negotiate with them”. Egyptians diplomats just embarassed themself, once

      The first one that considered the dam as a regional
      project was the former Ethiopian prime minister but his initial idea was
      badly rejected by Egypt. I guess now is too late. Ethiopians know very
      well that Egypt was/is tirelessly opposing international financial
      support to Ethiopia and now want to offer its direct support? and also
      want to be directly involved in the opertions? that’s ridiculous, but it
      shows what Egypt real goal is: keep the full control of the nile and
      not just their fair share!! everybody know that hydro-power projects do
      not eat water, but the dam will give Ethiopia the control of the blue
      nile and that is what Egypt do not want to accept, careless of the
      benefits the dam will have on the region (including Egypt).

      • They probably got rid of him ‘ giving him the dose of death’ upon his visit to Cairo soon after he ushered the plan. May he RIP!

    • Are u sure? Do egypt want to support financially? We never need their money. And the experts concluded that the dam will not have signicant harm. The suggested study is anout social issues. Why not egypt positively collaborate in under taking the studies rather than going long distances to stop it. Why egypt always talking about war and a drop of water? Why egypt tried to approach italy and gulf state to block funds? Are you ignorant of the egypt’s sabotage over a century? Why egypt supporting alshabab, eritrea, etc to wage unrest in ethiopia? Is these what you mean egyptian support?

    • Fifty years ago the Russkis built the Aswan Dam, which has no flaws, and you question the expertise of Italians who built dam well before the birth of Christ and with American and French qualified consultants to make sure there are no hiccups in tow……… The great engineers of Salini are the unsung heroes, indeed!

  5. I believe the statement that Egyptian arabs (and many other arab nations) are racist against Africans.

    • u wright its a racism.
      many countries built dams and dont have any problem with their neighbours ( turky build many dams naear IRAQ and syria) china build many dams near india) brasil build big dams near south americain countries…….in europe many countries built dams as well.

      if egypt want shear with poeple dams , why she doesnt shear swez canal with countries on the red sea?

      egypt has economic problem and receiving aid and donation from saoudia and gulf countrie to feed its poepl

      its a shame when egypt go for other countries to ask for not

      i think the dam will giv enough energy for all the neighbour countries. its better for egypt to buye electric energy with discount.

      .egypt is selling gaz to israel and jordan with discount

  6. Yes. let the Egyptian lobby for what they see negative on their water share but this could not hinder Ethiopians from doing what is planned to be done. the money from the donors is something important but our plan was not getting money from others. we can do it and we are doing it now.
    The truth is the dam has no negative impact on Egypt’s water share. this has been noted in the experts report. but we are not forcing people to understand us if they do not want to understand. we do what we must do and everything besides that is solved accordingly. one very important thing people have to understand is Ethiopia is not the country afraid of the threats by foreign countries. we are okay in that regard.
    we begun the construction relying on our own resource and we will finish with our own resource
    thank you for understanding this point

  7. pre prea for eygpt war, i’m going to pour me glass in the sh ara….i going to take the water of nile and drink out my glass cup….ethiopia one will win…warning to the world…i will burn the earth, for my people…

  8. An Egyptian author wrote in their local newspaper that “the Nile has pollution problems from several sources and additional water is needed to flush the problems out to sea” Suggest Egypt clean up its own pollution before dumping into another’s mutually used international water. Why should Ethiopia and Sudan take water for agriculture to solve Egypt’s pollution? Nations using the sea water should be furious!!

  9. I read a great discussion and argument from our African brothers and sisters. I personally see that Egypt does not accept fairness. That is why the rejected the Nile initiative cooperative agreement. That agreement is flagging fairness rather than one gets a veto power over the other. It is time now the rest of the signatories of the Nile cooperative agreement to make it a law in their respective counties and establish the Nile commission as soon as possible.

  10. This is a new epoch for Ethiopians. The construction of the great dam has becoming our national identity. We need money from donors if possible , if not we can do it by our selves.
    I wanna advice Egyptian officials get out off the colonial and subjugation mentality.

  11. as east Africa need also close our water from lake victoria 2 outlet to Nile . can u imagine flow of lake Victoria to Nile !!!!!!!!!!!