Mogadishu, Jul 3, 2009  – Sudanese president Omar Hassan Al-Bashir, acknowledged Sudan’s support to the government of Somalia in its pursuit to realize stability, security and reconciliation in Somalia.

Al-Bashir delivered these remarks after met the President of Somalia
Sheikh Sharif Ahmad at the sidelines of the 13th Summit conference of
the African Union, currently in session in Sirte.

He explained during the meeting, which reviewed the situations in
Somalia, that Sudan will spare no efforts to realize the security and
stability in Somalia, considering its relations with all the Somali parties.

Elsewhere, the 13th summit of the African Union continues. The AU
Commission chairman, Jean Ping, has expressed concern over increasing
and serious political tensions and persistent conflicts in Africa.

He mentioned Madagascar, Guinea-Bissau and Niger. However, he called
on the heads of state to pay particular attention to Somalia where the
transitional government is threatened with the advance of radical
Islamists. Brazilian president also calls for partnerships for investing in Africa.

Also the president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, has expressed support
for the arms given to the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia
[TFG] by the United States and called upon other countries to follow
suite and provide support in stabilizing the war torn country.

Speaking to the media, the Ugandan president said he has discussed the issue of supporting the Somali government with senior African
officials and that he will continue seeking broader support for the
TFG. He called upon all countries in the United Nations to provide
whatever support they are able to give to the TFG at this time.

The statement by Museveni comes at a time when the United States
government last week said it has given the TFG arms. Museveni also
dismissed claims that arms given to the TFG by the United States is
likely to worsen the situation in Somalia and called upon groups that
are opposed to the TFG to give reconciliation talks a chance. He urged
the opposition to stop the fighting and give the government a time
frame during which they should be able to prepare for national elections.

Uganda peacekeepers are part of the African Union Mission in Somalia
[Amisom] troops deployed in the country as part of the AU force and
provide backup to the TFG and usually come under fire from armed
groups that are opposed to the TFG.

By Abdinasir Mohamed