To combat COVID-19 and highlight the importance of protection in the fight against the virus. TSMC Charity Foundation and Medtecs Group jointly donated PPE, sets of cap and shoe covers, medical gowns and gowns for airline passengers for our allies including Somaliland.

Taiwan Representative Office, on behalf of Taiwan Government, private enterprises and NGO, donated the needed medical supplies to the Ministry of Health Development to support Somaliland proactively to combat the new wave of COVID-19 pandemic in Africa. It shows the efforts to integrate the strategic medical resources provided by the Taiwan Government and private sectors to channel to Somaliland. Taiwan has been supporting Somaliland to combat Covid-19 since 2020 by sharing with medical equipments, quality rice and financial support.

Taiwan can help Taiwan is helping. Taiwan can contribute and has long been contributing on many fronts. Our effort is proudly described as the “Taiwan Model”. The spirit of the Taiwan Model is: Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime. We are ready to share with Somaliland what we have and what we are good at.