Taiwan Representative to Somaliland and  the head of Taiwan Medical Mission in the Republic of Somaliland today donated  trauma kits, medical equipment and wheelchairs for Somaliland heroes defending the country in Las Anod.

The Taiwanese representatives to Somaliand Ambassador Allen Lou in his opening remarks said, “Thank you, Mater of ceremony. Dr. Mohamed Abdi Hergeye, DG of Ministry of Health Development, Mr. Ahmed Hassan Aden, DG of MESAF, Taiwan and Somaliland Colleagues, Friends

Good morning!

It is delighted to host today’s 2 in 1 ceremony to provide trauma kits and other medical equipment as well as from Taiwan Medical Mission and  wheelchairs from Taiwan’s NGOs for our Somaliland brothers and sisters to cope with the Laas Anod conflict and prioritized humanitarian needs.

We all agree that peace and stability are the basis for all cooperation. We believe “Peace and Health both can increase human welfare”.  Today’s sharing is the testament of “A friend in need is a friend indeed”.

Taiwan firmly believes that “Care, sympathy and empathy transcend borders”. And There is a Somaliland saying that “Ninka jeebkiisa wax kaa siiya nin dheh, ninka jeeb kale wax kaa siiyana laba nin dheh” Literally translation: If a man gives something from his pocket to help you, there is one man; If a man mediates from another person’s pocket to help you, there are two men. This Office will continue to mediate Taiwan’s NGOs to channel their resources to Somaliland to benefit the underprivileged, so that there will be more than two men to share with Somaliland.

Now Taiwan is seeking the World’s support for joining WHA as an observer and meaningful participation on the WHO activities. In this regard, we also need Somaliland’s support to prevail the cause of values. This healthcare cause should be politized and weaponizes, since Taiwan has the will and ability to contribute more to the World. It is anticipated that Somaliland is showing the world that “A Democracy is helping a Democracy” together with the major Free World countries. Please don’t be hesitated to go to our Facebook and Twitter of Taiwan in Somaliland to show your support. And “To help Taiwan is also to help Somaliland”.

“Taiwan can help and Taiwan is helping”. Taiwan will keep deepening “Mutual Benefit for Mutual Assistance” relations with Somaliland and to share with the East African countries.

Thank you.