Press-Release by Taiwan Representative Office in the Republic of Somaliland

After Taiwan Representative Office in the Republic of Somaliland was established in August 2020, the “Maternal and Infant Health Care Improvement” and “Health Information Management Efficiency Enhancement” projects were implemented in Somaliland. In order to deepen and broaden the “Taiwan Model” of health cooperation, Taiwan and Somaliland Governments signed the “Medical Cooperation Agreement” in June 2021 to lay a legal foundation to dispatch the Taiwan Medical Mission to Somaliland.

Today’s launching of the Taiwan Medical Mission shows that Taiwan-Somaliland health cooperation is rooted to benefit the regional people. Peace and stability are the fundamental elements for cooperation. Somaliland is a role model country in the Horn of Africa. In the time that China is still conducting the live-fire drills around Taiwan waters which is provocative actions to challenge the international order and disrupted peace and stability in the region.

” We believe that “Weapons cannot increase human welfare, but PEACE does, HEALTHCARE also does”. Taiwan, as a responsible member of international community, will continue to defend the common values such as peace and stability as well as deliver her commitments in such a challenging time. And “A friend in need is a friend indeed”, Taiwan appreciates the supports from Somaliland.

USA House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently led a congressional delegation to Taiwan to show America’s unwavering commitment to supporting Taiwan’s vibrant democracy as the world faces a choice between democracy and autocracy. We notice that Somalia issued an inappropriate statement to stand with authoritarian regime. Time will show that Taiwan and Somaliland are standing together at the right side of history. And Taiwan promises to make every effort to defend the common values with Somaliland and all democratic like-minded countries. Tough time will never last, but tough people do. Taiwan will continue to deepen the relations with Somaliland and to share the “Mutual-Benefit- and-Mutual-Assistance” cooperation. “said Statement