TORONTO, 13 December 2009 (Somalilandpress)The Tanzanian Foreign Ministry has summoned the Canadian High Commissioner after a Canadian diplomat allegedly spat at a policeman and a journalist.

A Tanzanian ministry spokesman condemned the incident, saying that his country is considering whether to expel the diplomat concerned.

Reporters say the diplomat, angered by a traffic jam, wound down his window and spat at the policeman on duty.

The Canadian High Commission in Dar es Salaam said it was investigating.

Tanzania’s foreign ministry says the incident was a humiliation not just for the police officer and journalist concerned, but for the entire country.

The alleged incident occurred in the Banana district on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam.

The journalist was allegedly spat at after he went to the police station where the diplomat was taken after being arrested.
The diplomat was freed because he had diplomatic immunity.


  1. If what is written here is true, this so called diplomat should not get away with this. He should be punished to maximum and then kicked out to the frozen weather that he came from.

  2. @H.M. Obsiye…..
    It happened where ? Oh yeah, I know now……somewhere where everyone is not dishonest or on the take ! Maybe he refused to answer to the policeman's e-mail scam ( or one of hundreds of others from there)! Believe it Only if u actually saw it happen ! Sounds like the old scams aren't working as well these days.
    If it is true, yes boot him. If not, well, then it's business as usual there!