The technical committee charged with the task of the implementation modalities of the memorandum of agreement between Somaliland and Ethiopia went on an orientation trip to the city of Berbera to specifically tour the harbor and the docking ports.

The committee was welcomed at Berbera port by Somaliland Ports Manager Syed Hassan Abdilahi. They briefly had a meeting with the manager in which they discussed issues related to Berbera Port, its services and the way it works at the moment.

The manager conducted them to a tour in the facility taking the committee through the container sites and the service work at the Port. They were informed that the largest ships to sail in the high seas were now able to dock at the port.

The ministry’s Director of Somaliland Ports said that the purpose of the committee’s trip was to observe the ongoing work at Berbera International Port, to investigate the implementation of the agreement, and he encouraged the committee to maneuver well the destiny of the Somaliland community which fell in their lap, as he testified that the members selected for the technical agreement are able to perform the task assigned to them.

On the other hand, the deputy chairman of the technical committee for the agreement between Somaliland and Ethiopia and Somaliland’s ambassador to the United States and Canada, Amb. Bashir Sheikh Omar Goth, said that their trip included observation and information gathering by the committee, to contribute to their work before they handed over their report to the head of state.

On behalf of the task force, he lauded the ports chief for a job well done at the harbor.

Finally, the committee also held a meeting with the top officials of DP World, which manages the Berbera port, who further briefed them on the work of the Berbera port and the progress so far realized since they assumed management of the port in 2016.