OSLO, (SomalilandPress) — Fathiya Ahmed Omar and her six year old son, Munir, were forcefully deported from Bergen, Norway, and sent back to the city of Genoa in Italy where she was found to have been fingered printed and processed as an asylum seeker before entering Norway in 20006.

Ms. Omar left Mogadishu, Somalia, carrying her son Munir and walking all the way to Kenya. From Kenya she went to Sudan, and eventually ended up in Libya. On her way to Libya she was held captive by the Libyan human smugglers who raped her for twenty days.

After this tribulation, Fathiya and her child arrived in Italy where she was processed in the city of Genoa as an asylum seeker. Fathiya decided to head to Norway where she had some family members and went to the city of Bergen.

Last week Immigration officers came to Fathiya’s apartment and was given one hour to gather all her belongings and told that she will be deported to Italy because of the Dublin Cooperation regulation (343/2003/EC).

This agreement established a series of criteria in which any member state that permits an applicant to enter or to reside in the territories of the member States of the European Union is obligated to take back its applicants who are irregularly found in another Member State.

At the time of her deportation Fathiya Omar was going intensive medical surgery at the Bergen hospital for the rape that she sustained from the Libyan human smugglers. Doctor Ulf Horlyk who was treating Fathiya before her deportation confirmed that Fathiya not only needed the physical surgery but also that she needs physiological treatment for the torment that she went through.

Fathiya and her son Munir are now in the city of Genoa, Italy, where they are homeless and without the medical treatment that Fathiya requires. She may not make it without assistance from international rights groups and medical teams.

On 18 February 2003, the EU Council of Ministers adopted a regulation (343/2003/EC) establishing a series of criteria which, in general, allocate responsibility for examining an asylum application to the Member State that permitted the applicant to enter or to reside in the territories of the Member States of the European Union. That Member State is responsible for examining the application according to its national law and is obliged to take back its applicants who are irregularly in another Member State.

Homeless and ill: Farhiya puts her son to sleep on a bench

Photos: WaryaTV

SomalilandPress, 21 March 2010


  1. Yo Guled why don't you tell that to the stupid motherfuckers who are fighting in Somalia. As far as Somaliland is concerned she is getting recognition soon and is going to take care of its people, we should no put Somaliland and Somalia in the same basket, they are like night and day.

    • i totally agree with u MR KEEPIN IT REAL, i just want u to know how much i like ur comment, its exactly wat should be said..thank u so much..peace

  2. I am keeping it real, i think this is really sad, but the blame falls on the loosers and shitheads who are fighting in Somalia.

    Somaliland is going to take care of its people, I salute somaliland.

  3. The hardship that this woman gone through is very painful, and it is part of the instability in Somalia. The fighting groups are responsibile for what happen to Fathiya and her son…. Rape, torture, ethic cleansing and mass killing are existing inside Somalia by the armed militia and even government forces. What happen to Fathiya is black spot on the history of Somalia, however we seek Allah's assistance for her and to make her life easier…..

    We as Somalilanders, should provide accomodation to such refugees from Somalia becuase they are Muslim and we dont accept them suffering. Let us keep women from Somalia in save place, as we do to our Somaliland women..

    It really gives me bad feeling to see Muslim women raped by these idiot Arabs inthe norhern Africa, who are famous of discrimination… Specailly when the woman is from Horn of Africa and Somali origin —- That what disturbs me alot

  4. This painful story is a awake up call to our girls having the intention to make Tahriib all the way to Europe. This is the reality and the danger laying inside channel our girls sees as safe haven. This story can a good piece of work to raise a huge public awareness against this illness. I feel sorry for Fathiya for the torment she has gone through.

  5. Our women are raped and left to be homeless, it is really sad to be SOMALI now days. May Allah forgive all our sins and bring peace to Somalis and Somalilanders.

  6. Subhannallah. May god ease her pain:

    O you whose mind has wandered in grief, O' you whose eyes are loaded with tears; relax and know that your Creator aids, and that His mercy will bring you peace. And know that your reward is secure with He Who doesn’t disappoint the one who seeks to please Him. Be at peace, for after poverty comes joyous meeting, and after sleeplessness comes sound rest. O you who are oppressed in the lands, who suffer from hunger, pain, sickness and poverty, rejoice in the knowledge that you will soon be satisfied with food and that you will be happy and in good health.
    Let us make these supplications, their purpose being to eliminate hardship, anxiety and grief:
    There is none worthy of worship except Allah, Who sustains and protects all that existsSo be patient, with a good patience…

  7. If she is granted the Italian passport/nationalism the she is free to travel between differetnt E.U countries and live in denmark. this could take years though. May allah ease their pain.

    This must also be a clear detterent to those wanting to tahriib and take this dangerous journey in search of a better life. It reminds us of the plight of our people and that we must take a more active role in trying to improve the life of the Somali people. America was built by entrepreneurs and so can somalia, lets invest in our country and our people. You might think that you'll do it later in the future, but with every day that goes by people are dying. Even if you employed one persone, it would be worth it.

  8. Very sad story and I wish I was there to do something for her but I for one do not blame the Norwigian government for this deportation though it's harsh and inhuman.

    We have to understand and take responsibility that this woman like millions of others was displaced by fanatics and warlords in Somalia. While they cry after Somaliland, the only place Somalis find peace and dignity – their women are raped and maltreated every where in the world.

    I wanna tell them to fix their homes, first give their women shelter and protection, then respect your neighbors, then bring about peace to your own states, then talk about National unity.

    I am sorry Farhiya that your men in Somalia are busy killing each others, I am sorry we are not there for you too because Somalis from Somalia have held us back.

  9. It could even get worse unless Somali women stop risking their lives. What had happened to this woman could happend to all Somali women including those who live safer area like Somaliland. For this woman, she was put between flying bullet in Mogadishu and these animals who did this to her. Somali woman should also beware Arab speaking men who they think would help them but later turn masters of humans.

    There are many other women who maybe experienced similar sitution but they are scare to speakout. It's very painful but what are the solutions:
    Somalis in Somalia to stop fighting so people wouldn't take the risk.
    Educate Somali women at home there are dangerous people out there.
    Somali women i meant all including those who leaving from Hargesa, Burco, Borama, Jabouti, Garowe, Kismaayo and Jigjiga. S.landpress Sawirka gabadha ka saara.

  10. This is really tragic!!!!!! I hope that everything goes well for this woman and her young child……………. But tahriib is very risky and dangerous and the somali people have to aware of that………. I dont want to criticize but If the situation is dire like it was for this woman then ofcourse you need to leave for your safety and the safety of your child………BUT dont travel like an animal through deserts and allow yourself to be subjugated by evil smugglers to come to a christian land…… is it really worth it??????…….. ofcourse there is opportunities in the west but its not worth risking your life…….. Dont neglect your homeland and built it of something


    • Samater, you are very cruel to this lady. Why would you assume that she lived in Kenya? Do you know her?

      Apart from the terrible things which happened her, you should understand that it takes really courage to tell it, especially for a somali woman.

      Fathiya is a brave Somali woman. Let least we can do is feel for her and pray for her. May Almight Allah ease her pain and give her comfort. Ameen.

      And for you Samater, may Allah give you patience. Also stop shouting (writting in capital letters).

  12. While I feel sorry for what she went through as a woman, I partly blame her for what happened. And the really victim here is the six years old child she is dragging around the globe. Why doesn't she stay in Italy until she gets her legal documents. Then she could have gone anywhere she wanted in europe. They were under processing.

    It is a law that if you seek asylum in one european country, you can't go to another unless you have the full citizenship of one.

  13. It is heart-warming to read most of your kind comments. You sound mature and compationate. InshaAllah, Fathiya and her child will get through this tough time.

  14. That wasn't my comment. But thanks anyways. You show more compassion and kindess on my behalf. I normally speak my mind out and tell it like it is. That is my person nature which is a turn-off to some people sometimes.

    I hope she gets through too, but worry about the child involved.