By M.A. Egge

Hon. Mohamud Hareed Roble, who is the chairman of the Senate select committee that was charged with the task of perusing the elections laws, which was recently passed by the lower house of the parliament has appealed to the people of the nation to keep calm and await the due process to be finalized by the upper house of the parliament, the Senate which is known as the GUURTI.

He revealed that the committee has just finished their tasks, save for minor technicalities in final touches, and are about ready to avail the law to the Senate soonest.

The electioneering processes which had had hiccups for the past year or so has led to a review of comprehensive election laws that was formulated, amended and synchronized expressly by the parliament hence was passed and forwarded to the Senate.

This development followed conciliatory efforts by traditional leaders that detonated an impasse in the country’s political divide.

It is in this background that Hon. Hareed has appealed for calm hence dispel rumours that their committee is shortchanging the process.

He noted that they have not changed anything about the provisions proposed hence called on the Somaliland community to rest assured that the committee will be just and diligent in fulfilling their duties.

“I am saying that the people of Somaliland should calm down and should not be jittery with mistrust on our part”, he told media on Wednesday.

He reassured the members of the public, “We are not partisan, nor are we serving the whims and interests of a section by either leaning sideways or favouring any group. We have now finished the major tasks given to us, save for some minor technicalities”.