EU Commissioner said , “EU doesn’t trust the corruption overburdened regime in Mogadishu”

Somalia, ex-Italian Somalia, is the most corrupt state in the world, according to the latest index compiled by the Berlin-based corruption watchdog Transparency International. U.N. and EU are trying to paint a dark picture of the corruption in Somalia, which could put off the countries that bankroll the country’s budget.
The reports highlighted all forms of corruption including political, financial, educational, administration and even human right abuses against minority. The political system in Somalia is corrupted and based on tribe; recently the Chairman of Central Bank of Somalia Ms. Yusr Abrar resigned after the president of Somalia Mr. Hassan Sheikh pressured her to authorize illegal money; no press freedom; even the international community manages the aid funds by itself without Somalia government involvement.
The USA and Italy sponsor the salaries of the military and police, where each of the two governments send own representatives to Mogadishu to distribute the salaries directly to the soldiers , hand-to-hand, because both governments don’t trust Mogadishu regime.
Recently, the EU Spokesman expressed anger over the recent allegations by Somalia’s Deputy Premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somalia Ms. Fouzia Adan accusing the EU for not funding Somalia government.
“The Statement of Ms. Fouzia Adan is untrue and we, the EU, spend millions of dollars in aiding Somalia. However, if Ms. Adan meant that EU doesn’t directly handover the funds to the central government of Somalia, than she is right because EU don’t trust the corruption overburdened regime in Mogadishu.” EU Spokesman concluded in response to the Ms. Adan’s allegations. — end
The government in Mogadishu is a decoration. It does not control outside Mogadishu. It does not provide basic services to its citizens and don’t protect them. The African Union forces (AMISOM) are fighting Al-Shabab terrorist not the nationalized militia of the Somalia government, who are named after Somalia National Military.
The official spokesman of AMISOM Mr. Abdi of Djibouti Forces criticized the undisciplined military of Somalia for not taking their role in the fight. “Somalia Military are undisciplined, corrupted and unable to manage or control the areas liberated from Al-Shabah.”. He went on saying
“ Somalia Military are selling the weapons donated to them by the international community to Al-Shabab terrorist groups.” He concluded his statement.
Al-Shabab is bribing the military and security officials of Somalia which resulted many serious security breaches including the suicide bomber near the Villa Somalia, who was newly recruited by the NSS of Somalia. Another example is the incident at Somalia Supreme Court where the security vacated their posts allowing Al-Shabab members to enter the court building.
The constitution of Somalia is based on an unfair distribution of power between Somalia tribes. It is called 4.5, where some tribes take loin’s share in the cabinet while others are left helpless because they are minority.
The dirty political money is on rise in Mogadishu, where each MP received $20,000 against voting out the former Prime Minister Mr. Saacid. The first hand reports unveiled widespread of corruption in the parliament and the president distributed the dirty money against Mr. Saacid. This is how Somalia politics work – either money or tribe.

As we know, there are no public schools in Somalia and even the Ministry of Education doesn’t have textbooks. There are privately owned schools in Mogadishu that provide poor and uncontrolled education. However, the Ministry of Education receives scholarships from outside world mainly Turkey government.
At the initial scholarship, the ministry granted the scholarships on tribal manner which forced the Turkish government to send its representatives to examine Somalian students.
After that Turkish government representatives are preparing the examination questions and distributing to the students on the examination site. They correct the examination in Turkey and results are announced online. This illustrates how untrusted is the government in Mogadishu.
Law enforcement and police is another black-spot in Somalia government, where the corruption is evident on both lower and higher level ranks.
Sports is another victim of Mogadishu corruption. In last Olympics, the Somalia Olympic Committee sent untrained and unskilled athletes. The Somalian footballers seek political or refuge asylum during tours to rich countries. Nephewsim plays important role in team selection process, where you can see the entire football team from one tribe or region.
Dirty money can do anything in Mogadishu, even can waive off the custom tax and even someone could be a Somalian citizens in five minutes as reported by Al-Jazeera channel whose reporter received Somalian passport against $100. This is how corruption humiliated the Mogadishu regime.
The Somalia justice system is politically motivates and corrupted. In Feb 2013, a rape victim Luul Ali and a journalist who interviewed her were both arrested and sentenced to one year in prison for making false accusation and “insulting a government body”, a case that captured world attention. – Somaliland Press.
Ali said she was the victim of gang rape in a highly publicized case allegedly involving armed men in the military uniform in Mogadishu. – Somaliland Press
There are no functioning departments in Mogadishu, no accountability and if there is unaudited authority ultimately there will be corruption.
Amateurishly, the international community is pouring billions of dollars despite all corruption reports and allegations, and neglecting the developing nations in the region like Somaliland.
Somaliland has established itself as irreplaceable partner in war-on-terror, security and economic development. Somaliland industries supply products to eastern Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia. It builds roads, bridges and provides respectful social services including free health and education to its citizens. Somaliland regulated a mature democracy without outside support, and earned international appreciation. U
Somaliland has Anti-Corruption Commission and Audit Bureau. Somaliland high-ranking officials declare their assets before the oath. The elected parliament of Somaliland grills the government officials. Every year, Somaliland President briefs the parliament on the current situation of the country.
The international community behavior in the region illustrates that Somalia is an open project which profits many armies and agencies, and must be kept open!
By\ Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi


  1. Thank you Mr. Al-Mutairi! You always hit the right spot and I hope one day sooner the world community will come to its sense and accept Somaliland as a nation and true partner.Keep up the good work and thanks.

  2. The corruption overburdened FGS has another twist with a new PM appointed.
    What good would this bring is again yet to be seen, despite the fact that the technocrats
    shareholders are always fully supportive to get the FGS going and getting away with all that
    reported by the respected expert Author on the Somalis political affairs.

  3. The Mogadishu bandits the so called government has failed in front of the eyes of the international community .it shown herself up to exaggerate it weak corrupt nonexistent institutions but made it clear to issues which may have taken years for world community to see . that is advantageous to well functioning legitimate government of SOMALI LAND.

  4. indeed this is a tragedy Somalia to be under corruption, maladministration and conflict, international community must support Somaliland has viable partner, Mutair thank you so much for discovering the realities on the ground