Tuesday,Sept 15,09 (SomalilandPress)-Somaliland’s infant Democracy is on the brink of collapse! The courageous people of Somaliland have been betrayed by few of Siyad Barre’s disciples. These thugs who never believed in the independence of Somaliland have simply taken charge of Somaliland.

These are the people who were at the forefront of the destruction of the country when Barre’s military was waging indiscriminate warfare against the people of Somaliland.

Their participation of the genocide on the Issaq People is well documented. Now, they are at it again! They are sowing the seed for another civil war, because that is what they know best. And they believe nothing will happen to them, after all no one held them accountable for the gruesome crimes they have committed in the past.

The president’s abuse of power is beyond comprehension and to add insult to an injury, we have a parliament who is incapable to hold him accountable for his actions. IT IS A GRAVE SITUATION AND IN MY OPINION THE STAKES FOR OUR NATION ARE HIGH. The truth is that no one is above the Law and if we allow Riyaale to violate, ignore and blatantly disregard the constitution, then God help us all!

Thousands of Somalilanders have paid the highest price, their life, for the democracy and freedom we have been enjoying for the last 18 years. But If Riyale and his henchmen have their way, we are going to loose our democracy and with that our dignity.

The constitution requires president Riyaale to follow and enforce all the laws enacted by the legislative body, whether he agrees with them or not. Failure to obey the law leads to grounds for impeachment. Now rumors are spreading like wildfire that Riyaale is fulfilling Mr Ismail Omar Gelleh’s hidden agenda to destroy Somaliland once and for all, which if it is true is unlawful heinous act of treason. The people of Somaliland remain as poor, uneducated, and unhealthy as ever and instead of putting the money earned from the collection of revenues into transparent government account and using the proceeds for social services, Riyaale chose to hoard the money into secret accounts he personally controls in Djabouti and France. If the poor people of Somaliland ravaged by one of the worst droughts are dying by the thousands, Riyale does not care. Instead of solving the country’s current problems and quelling the growing inter-clan conflicts he chose to attack the House of Representatives. He ordered the police force siege on the parliament, preventing members of the parliament from entering. Then, thousands of angry protesters have taken to the streets demanding the reopening of the parliament. Police forces opened fire and gun down thousands of peaceful protesters with no reservations, which lead to the killing of at least three unarmed protesters. Nonetheless, Riyaale is responsible of the massacre of these innocent people. This was an attempt to subvert the democratic process in Somaliland by a group that hopes to gain power through violence. Some politicians who are power, position and privilege seekers are often behind those who stoke the flames of tribal conflict, particularly in El-Berdaleh.

The magnitude of the poverty is unimaginable which creates powerlessness among the citizens and that is why he was able to make people competition over meager resources which will easily lead to tensions and civil unrest. This country urgently needs a sensible leadership who will fight against poverty, illiteracy, and underdevelopment .We cannot afford another 7 years of mistrust and underdevelopment. .

Somaliland has been facing a political crisis ever since he started playing delaying tactics of presidential election which should have been held in April last year. President Riyal’s term expired more than one year ago, calling in to question his legitimacy to run the country in the meantime. The incompetent electoral Commission insisted that the second presidential election in Somaliland will take place 27th of September this year. Yes, the electoral commission is statutory body set up by Somaliland constitution in 2000 to oversee the democratic process and in particular to promote integrity, involvement, and effectiveness in our democracy. But, they only work by guidelines set out by the Somaliland constitution so if there are any breaches or flaw within the commission then it is down to the initial setting process. It is crystal clear that the current Electoral commission cannot fulfill its responsibilities efficiently, impartially and professionally, because they are not independent from the control of the authority of the President and its members are subject to too much government intervention.

The president’s term has expires September 27 and the only acceptable solution is Riyale to relinquish power a caretaker government chosen among all three parties until elections can be held. In my opinion a provisional administration should be chosen and an acting president appointed by the decision of all political parties and House of Representatives, it will then go before the Guurti to pass/approve the agreement reached by all sides.
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From 27 of September this year if there is no presidential Election in the Motherland, then every single decree issued by Riyaale’s administration is illegitimate and any decision he makes is null and void. He has no right to run the country after that date. Let’s hope this will be the end of Siyad bare’s disciples in Somaliland and we will overcome. On the other hand, our neighbouring countries policy objectives should support good governance, democratic institutions and respect for the rule of law so that there will be a healthy and an enabling environment in which the people of Somaliland can thrive and achieve their full potential.

Take care in advance,
London, UK
Yassin Hassan Abdillahi
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  1. I want to see Riyale gone as much as the next guy but this article is a bunch of garbage that we need to give TWO THUMBS DOWN. Sir, Please put this divisive garbage where it belongs!! IN THE TRASH!!

  2. "Thousands of Somalilanders have paid the highest price, their life, for the democracy and freedom we have ",

    FYI: Free and fair elections happened under President Rayale, as much as I would like to see him go, I will not deny him his achievements. Putting him in the category of "SIYYAD BARRE's HENCHMEN" as you did is a deservice to the people and the country, Riyale is the ONLY democratically elected Somali president and I will defend him when unfairly attacked by HOT HEADS like you.

    I think you should show some restraint and give him his dues and stop disrespecting our president!!

  3. I am wondering whether this article is part of over all view of this website or an individual opinion?
    If it is, then the web master has to state so and distance himslf/ herself from this writer.
    Why? first of all whether we like him or not the current Somaliland administration was elected by Somaliland masses to compare this administration to Butcher of Hargeisa is an fair to Somaliland people. secondly, if this aricle or the write of this article is part of this website, then this website is nothing but a political mouth pieces of opposition parties so please do not call your selves an imparial reporters when it comes to Somaliland politice.

  4. Obsiye,
    I am really getting tired of your negatvity towards our website brother. Believe it or not brother I do not support any of the current Somaliland parties because I do not see anything that differentiates one from the other. I posted this article on the website because in my neck of the world there is something call "freedom of speach". Like I said to you before, write an article of your opinion and we will publish it for you if it is not harming anyone. Once again brother Obsiye, we at Somalilandpress welcome you to the website and enjoy posting your comments, please stop bashing our site as you know we are the only FAIR AND BALANCE Somaliland site that is out there currently.

    Thank you
    I look forward to publishing some of your work.

  5. Although I will not call president Riyale ''Siyad Barre's disciple'' because he was democratically elected by our people, he turned out to be just another utterly corrupt, power hungry, manipulative African tyrant. Watching him speak of peace and stability on Universal TV two days ago infuriated me. He dared tell the public not to ruin our peace and security when he is the one to blame. What a hypocrisy!!! Even though he presided over democratic elections during his tenure, he does not want to hold one now because he knows that his job is at stake.

  6. I forgot to say that Mr Riyaale is not the only person responsible for this crisis. There are a lot of wolves working with him. People I call 'pocket worshippers'.

  7. I would like to add to the coversation, first of all i have to say he could not have done what he is doing without the support of our own people by that i mean those in power with him.

  8. the smoke screen is fading
    the true nature of the owners of somaliland press is on display

    somaliland press plays noting more than good old somali lineage politics.

    they have given up on pan-lineage solidarity called "somaliland " so they feel betrayed hence ibrahim saying off

    "There are a lot of wolves working with him. I call 'pocket worshippers'. "

    in that quote he is reffering to his brothers of the same paternal extraction who are from diffrent maternal origin
    and in his believe he thinks that they "People" or "wolves" as he calls them are the ones that keep dahir riyale in power.

    its a matter of time before one of houses outmenouvers the others and takes the somaliland flag to hamar to be the prime movers and shakers in south and nort at the cost of theire brothers who are seen as noting more than a extra(inter lineage wars of 94) competitor in the competition called lineage-politics of somalia

  9. somaliland press I know you are going to delete my previous post

    what about your little fancy word play of

    "you know we are the only FAIR AND BALANCE Somaliland site that is out there currently"

    I think Fox news holds the copy right of the term Fair & Balanced

    may allah guide back the lost sheeps of somalia…. amiin

  10. Ramadan Wanagsan. Mr. Riyal should go i agreed on that but he was working for last Somali government is not enough to dismiss a leader. We should be fooling ourselves by keep coming back same argument like this leader was working for Siad Barre.

    I don’t disagreed to point out someone is past either good or bad but using that to oust the man is as gready as baseless argument. We don’t hate Somalia its our country as welll.

    I’m not Riyale is favour in anyway but truth has to be told. You can’t blame anyone who worked for that government an anti-Somaliland. It was a system that clopse and we were all parts of that. On the other hand, those who were oppost the Somali united are not important any other group.

    Mr. Riyale was elected by Somalilanders and it was good idea for him to go when they themselves decided again who whould they trust. Unfortunitly, we don’t have the time;therefore, Riyale shoulg go.

    Two reasons convince me its time for the Riyal to go. He showed weaknes first time when he chould not take action against the HIGHWAY criminals. Seconly, citizen has right to protest and it is disappointed when you see police using force in Hargeisa.

    What other leader whould help us is the question. Remember all your leader where part of Siyad’s govermnet so why would you single out Mr. Riyale because he is Samaron.

    Mr. Riyale’sgoverment is like Shilintii xoolaha ku dulnooleyd. Instead of leting it people to grow economicly, they distroyed by forcing citizens like whose who live Awdal region not to use thier ports cities. No nation tells it people you can’t access to this an that Riyale government has done it. All they own the government was tax Charuur.
    Adeer in badam baa adiga iyo dawladadu dadka ku dulnooleyd Borama waad Sabooliseya gurigeygu wuu xuu furanyahey aanu kuu duceynee inka teg.

  11. First of all we can not konw what is inside the people heart cos that only for allaah but we can judge them by they deeds and I agree with the idea which is saying it’s not enough to dismiss a elected president becose he worked in last somalia goverment. Me and most s/Ldrs judge him in his action in last past five years while he was what they call a president and I think he is wores than bari becose you can not but them in same scale and the reason is one is an elected president and the other one was a brutal,ambious and cruel dictator who took the country by power .Bari did not promised his nation he gona do this and that cos he knew he was not in position allow him to do that after what he did .unfortunatel riyaale disppointed his nation ,world and become a man of words not of deeds I can say riyaale and his thugs became a weeds that suck the poor people blood and destroyed evrey tree that wana grow up in peace becose it’s aganist his and his nephew dream in jabuuti.buti know this nation are patience,wise and peacefull people but when they say enough is enough they mean it and is gona be what they said and they gona cut off the weeds wisely becose it’s exceed the limit. sorry guy my english is not good like yours just I wona try to say my opioion ciiiiid kareem soon inshaa alaah

  12. Riyaal , his thugs and somaliland nation they look like a beautiful garden full of weeds. The garden is somaliand nation riyaale + thugs are the weeds soon they will be cut wisely and in history trash will thrown don’t worry about it ciid wnagsaan soon inshaa alaah

  13. Riyaal , his greedy minsters and somaliland nation they look like a beautiful garden full of weeds. The garden is somaliand nation riyaale + greedy minster are the weeds soon they will be cut wisely and in history trash will thrown don’t worry about it ciid wnagsaan soon inshaa alaah

  14. burcaawi

    by reading your hate filled posts I recon you are weed yourself which makes you part of the problem in somaliland rather than the solution

    you names gives away your political and tribalistic biases

    just remembeer this once the beast is out of cage no one can capture and return the beast to his cage
    now you are unlocking slowly the cage with your bombastic outbursts

    remember same people do support dahir riyale so when ever they see your comments they see a messege filled with tribalism

    don`t burn the house

  15. this article is nothing but hate towards my clan(gadabursi), this is the true face of somaliland nothing but tribalism(jahiliya)