PRESS RELEASE 17 April 2010

Hargeisa (Somalilandpress)-  At 1755 on 12 April 2010 a HALO Land Rover carrying four HALO staff returning from work at Dabogoroyaale minefield to their camp in Dabogoroyaale village initiated a PRBM-3 anti-tank mine. Two staff members – Driver Hussein Abdi Muhumed and Deminer Yousuf Xirsi Bashe – died as a result of injuries sustained during the blast. HALO deminer Hassan Dol Ali and section commander Abdirahman Ismail Aden sustained injuries.

The vehicle was driving on a track very well-used by HALO for hundreds of times and for which there was no information to suggest the presence of mines. Investigations by HALO, the police and the Somaliland Mine Action Centre are underway.

This is the first mine incident resulting in deaths, in HALO’s ten years of mineclearance in Somaliland.

While the police investigation continues into this case, no further public statements can be made.

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Neil Ferrao                                                                                                                                Guy Willoughby

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  1. I believe this is a lie and that Halo Trust had something to do with this incident, there was no "PRBM-3 anti-tank mine", I believe there was a dispute between the organisation and the police needs to do its investigation and not take bribes from this two guys (Neil and Willoughby).

    I have insight knowledge and for them to think it will not bite them back they must be dreaming. They can bribe and lie to the locals, but we Diasporas know exactly what went down.

    HALO Trust or whatever should be expelled and new organisation should be given the contract (German organisations). British organisations are some of the most corrupted organisations and once they drink god knows how they behave.

  2. They dont even provide the right equipment with their employees or staff and this for me is negligence and they should face the court, I dont care if Somaliland is littered with landmines, they took up the job and should offer the right equipment and tools because as they said themselves "HALO Somaliland is currently supported by the governments of Finland, Ireland, The Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom (DFID) and is looking to further expand its capacity and donors, to deal with the remaining threat as soon as possible and move further eastwards" thus taking money from tax payers of those nations.

  3. I have all respect for you Bro. Kayse, but allow me to disagree with your theory. I’m not here to defend Halo Trust, but I believe they did and still doing a remarkable work in Somaliland from building roads and water wells to doing their main duties to make Somaliland safer place. I’m sure you do agree that our No1 enemy Somali planted thousands and thousands of all kind of mines just so that the people of Somaliland wouldn’t’ comeback to their homes. In those days just attempting to go near Hargeisa was suicide mission, and unfortunately mistakes happens and people die, and I believe Halo staff knows that very well, and what they are doing is risky, and from what I witness I can say that the organization do provide all the needed safety equipment to their staff. So please don’t make assumptions before you make investigation about the issue.

  4. Please guys do not talk about something which you have to clue about. whilst in Somaliland i visted the HALO trust headquarters and found out that they are one of the few NGO's that have a positive effect on the lives of Somalilanders. This seems like an unfortunate accident, and nothing more than that. The country is unfortunately littered with mines thanks to our so called Somali brothers. But to try and besmerge the name of HALO is counter productive and futile. I as a somalilander have seen the many positive work they have completed in our country. Just go and see their compound to inspect the vital work they carry out.

  5. I am aware of their remarkable job, I never said they incompotent, I said they planted the mine there and should be investigated because of disputes among them. Mr Ferrao might not be aware but the other staff could have done it.

    Dont be naive boys.