A dictatorial military regime led by Farmajo and his advisors, former Siad Barre  military personnel is being supported and empowered by the West including USA and Europe who say they see democracy as a universal value and Turkey and  Qatar fierce rival of Gulf Arab allies like UAE and  Saudi Arabia each group with hidden agenda and conflicting interest.

While the West may be trying to stabilize the failed state of Somalia and fight Al-Shabaab terrorist group. Turkey and Qatar are funding the weak Somalia government to divide the Somali clans and fuel tension between Somali clans in Federal Member States like  Gal-mudug, Juba-land, Puntland and Hir-shabele  to instal a loyal and puppet leader in each federal state member to secure second term election in 2021 at any cost including loss of life , instead of paving the way for clean and fair election one man one vote.

 The destabilizing Qatar millions of dollar funds have been also funneled through  Somaliland by opposition party WADANI leaders  after Ismail Buuba, former foreign minister of Arta, Djibouti made Somalia government in 2000 met Farmajo and Qatar leaders in  Doha two years ago, which its affect has been felt a few days ago after WADANI leader, Abdulahi Ciro called his supporters in all Somaliland regions to take the streets against democratically elected president Muse Bihi. Qatar funds to destabilize Somaliland has also reached the Eastern Sanaag region of Somaliland where the consistent attack is being conducted against Somaliland by rebellious group and opposition party supporters funded by Villa Somalia and Qatar.

For twenty-one years  Siad Barre dictatorial and ruthless military regime who committed atrocities and genocide against the  Somaliland people and Somalia was kept in power by the Soviet Socialist regime because of the Cold War between the  East and West, but  finally Siad Barre regime was overthrown by a  popular and rebellious uprising from Somaliland and Somalia at the beginning of 1991 after the cold war faded away and the Soviet Union collapsed.

Slowly but surely as Somalia stability has been improving for the last 30 years, the people of Somalia had enjoyed their freedom regardless of constant attack by the Al-Shabaab terrorist group who were targeting both civilians and authorities. Unfortunately on Feb 8, 2017, a handpicked so-called parliament members elected Mohamed Farmajo with the help of Qatar who spent millions of dollars to bribe the so-called parliament members to elect Farmajo.
Even Though most Somalia populations welcomed Farmajo’s election and saw him as a young educated in the West  who value democracy and freedom,  within few months in office Farmajo started disarming major Hawiye clans militia in Mogadishu and  targeted major opposition leaders like Abdul Shakur and MP Qaybdiid both escaping assassination style attack where all Abdi shakur security personnel were killed and buried in a mass grave without informing the relatives of the victims, who were desperate to see the remaining of their loved ones and bury them in an orderly way.
Farmajo also reshuffled military leaders and removed all military officers who belonged to Hawiye, major Moqdisho clan appointing former Siad Barre military officers and prime minster Khaire’s clansmen military personnel. Potential army personnel is recruited on the clan-based selection and either trained by the Turkish military base in Moqdisho or sent to Qatar for farther training. Most highly trained military who belong to Farmajo’s clan and his prime minister are kept in Moqdisho to suppress and silence the people of Mogadishu and it’s surroundings where Hawiye and other opposing clans army personnel are sent to fight and confront Al-Shabab without proper military gear and financial assistance.
 Farmajo and his security leaders Fahad Yasin and Zakaria former Al-Shabab leadership member also created a Hit Squad,  called in Somali  xoogagga Wadaniyiinta/ National Forces who operate like socialist or communist security agent who infiltrate neighborhoods  as spies and  killing machines to intimidate and sometimes kill civilians who they see as an opponent to Farmajo and his regime. The hit Squad are trained in Qatar highly paid by Qadar and are also equipped by hi-tech communications and spy devices. The fear and the intimidation caused by the Hit Squad against the people of Mogadishu and its surroundings made it impossible for people to speak up against the injustice caused by Farmajo and his cronies.
Last week after Farmajo weak government banned former presidents Hassan Sheikh and Ahmed Sharif to travel to Kismayo for Jubaland president inauguration and Beledweyne fled, a planned mass demonstration against Farmajo and his cronies in Moqdisho was canceled for fear of the Hit Squad. Both Hassan and Sharif hail from Moqdisho and have vast supporters.
On April 30, 2018 Mohamed Mursal former defense minster of Farmajo government was elected as the speaker of the house, Farmajo loyal and puppet,  after the so-called parliament were bribed by thousands of dollars provided by Qatar. Weeks before the election of Mursal and independent speaker of the house pro Jawaari was ousted by corrupted parliament members paid by Farmajo and his supporter Qatar.
Today the so-called and hand-picked member parliaments of Villa Somalia are paid thousands of dollars to keep quiet instead of protecting and enforcing the rule of the land and holding the executive branch accountable if they violate the constitution. There are only four MP, Fiqi, Mahad , Odawaa and Osoble who spoke up against attempted assassination of Abdi Shakur, MP Qaybdiid. The Four Squad MP who don’t take bribes and speak up when Farmajo and his cronies broke the law of the land, they are called traitors/Qaran Dumis,  funded by UAE.
After Farmajo and his cronies consolidated the so-called Somalia parliament their next mission has been  to remove all non loyal Federal  Member State leaders, like Ahmad Madoobe, Jubaland president, Deni, Puntland President, Sharif Hassan Southwest president, and Haaf Gal-mudug president  to install a puppet and few highly paid of his supporters to silence the majority.
Few months after Sharif Hassan Southwest state president was ousted by Qatar funds corrupted MP, on December 19, 2018 Abdul Aziz Laftagareen was elected as Southwest State president  after $15million to $25million Qatar fund was spent,  80 Southwest MPs  were flown from Baidoa to Moqdisho and each received $3000- $5000 to conduct a sham election of  Laftagareen as next president. After Mukhtar Robow, runner against Laftagareen supporters contested the sham election and the arrest of their leader Mukhtar Robow, 12 to 15 innocent people against the corrupted election were killed by Somalia security forces and Amisom troops. UN special representative of Somalia, Nicholas Haysom condemned the killing of innocent people by Somalia Security forces. A few days later  Mr. Nicholas Haysom was ordered to leave Somalia by weak Somalia, for interfering with the internal affairs of Somalia.
End of 2018 when Puntland State of Somalia presidential election began, the weak Villa Somalia government spent millions of dollars to secure the election of its candidate and supporter by bribing Puntland member parliaments and sending its cabinet members to campaign for its supporter, puppet , which finally Puntland banned the intrusion of Villa Somalia and Elected Abulahi Deni.
After months of a fierce campaign between incumbent president Ahmad Madobe and Villa Somalia sponsored candidates like Hidig and Saransor funded by Qatar dollars, on August 22, 2019 Jubaland parliament re-elected Ahmad Madobe for the second term. The tension between Jubaland State of Somalia and the weak government in  Mogadishu has been very high after Villa Somalia, the federal government banned direct flights from Nairobi to Kismayo. According to local news in the area military confrontation is imminent as both sides are massing loyal militia outside Kismayo.
 After a proposed election in Gal-Mudug State of Somalia by Villa Somalia was postponed by local leaders of Ahula-Suna and and Gal-Mudug State leaders. Beginning of June 2019 Somalia PM Khayre and his interior Minister, Abdi Sabriye arrived Dusa-mareeb, Gal-mudug capital carrying tons of Qadar dollar funds to bribe and divided local leaders. A few days letter high Delage from Qatar joined Khare in Dusa-mareeb to entertain Ahula Suna leaders.  The intrusion of  PM Khaire and Qatar created tension and conflict between Ahlu-Suna and Gal-mudug president Haaf, which forced president HAAF to leave office after Villa Somalia made false promises to Ahlu-Suna regarding power-sharing and high cabinet positions. Today tension is high between Ahlu-Suna and Villa Somalia supporters each vowing to hold its own presidential election.
The suffering of the Somali people and  Somalia’s prolonged states and the mistrust between the  Somali clans can be solved only by  an honest leader who knows the root cause of the problem, and not by pseudo leader who’s intention is to enrich himself and target his opponents for revenge purpose to prolong the mistrust among the Somali people. Foreign actors with different agendas, competing for their own interests also can not ease the suffering of Somali people without knowing the root cause of the conflict and how to resolve it.
Mohamoud Samatar